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Your YOLO?

I got asked this question a while ago, and actually had an email about it the other day from Martin Rooney (the guys a legend!) and it got me thinking?

What is my YOLO?

To be honest, i couldn’t answer. I knew what it meant but it kinda comes in two meanings right?

For those of you that don’t know, it stands for You Only Live Once.

I’ve heard people do some bad things and used ‘YOLO’ as a good excuse yet I’ve also seen people become more than they’ve ever dreamed and said, well, YOLO.

How can one word have two completely opposite meanings?

On one hand it seems like a good excuse to do some terrible things like getting ridiculously drunk or get chucked in jail, yet, on the other hand it allows us to dare to dream. Becoming more than we’ve ever thought.

But to create and tell my YOLO, I have to see both sides of the story. I cannot state my YOLO if I could not see the other side. Just like there can’t be no good without evil, no shadow without light. You need both to form the whole.

So it can be good or bad but why not eat as well as you could? Why not exercise daily? Why not turn off that TV 1 hour earlier to get a good nights rest? Why not prepare your meals beforehand? Why not walk to work? Why not improve your career and start earning some more money? Why not be the best in your industry?

This is the YOLO side I dare to ‘risk’ with.

Ultimately, we do only live once and it’s what you choose in life that determines the destiny you set. But remember, the choice is yours and it always will be.

That will determine if you win or lose.

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