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The WORST Foods That Stunt Fat Loss

If You Want To Know The Worst Foods For Fat Loss That Will Stunt Your Progress, Read This Now…

I love my food.

Seriously, I reckon I spend my day thinking more about food than anything else.

Pretty sure my girlfriend would agree…

And so, as I’m flicking through pics on the interwebz or in the latest magazine my mum buys I’m seeing an increased amount of

‘Don’t eat this if you want a slim waist’

‘Avoid these foods like the plague’

‘These foods will make you put on fat’

My heads in my hands and I’ve got to share the latest news…

No food will ever make you fat, or put inches on your waist

IF you’re not bingeing on 12000 calories and sitting in a calorie surplus.

Ever restricted yourself over anything?

Perhaps it’s wine and we all know how that turned out…

I remember as a kid, wanting to go play football with my mates but when a certain time come, my parents would always want me inside.

“It’s getting late, you can’t go”

I used to want to go soo badly so I used to sneak out and join up with them, only to feel the wrath when I got home.

Kids hey?

Look, any foods are ok. If you want that bit of popcorn because you’re heading to the cinema, that’s fine.

If you’re out for dinner with your friends and that cheeky cheesecake is eyeing you up on the menu, that’s also fine.

If like me you fancy this? The go ahead…

the worst food for fat loss?
I definitely destroyed this…

Go ahead and eat it but use Myfitnesspal to make sure it fits into your day.

And if it doesn’t?

Offset it with tomorrow or the next day’s calories.

And if you’re not sure if it does fit or not? Check this out: Setting calories for fat loss

You know no food is really that bad for you right?

Of course, if you’re eating a carrot cake every day and not tracking your total calories then sure you’ll gain weight and put on a few inches.

And your weight loss won’t ever happen.

But do these foods need to be avoided like the plague?

Absolutely not.

Once in a while, we need to chill out, take our foot off the pedal and eat what we want.

It keeps us sane.

My weekends aren’t the greatest, it’s where I spend my time with my girlfriend, exploring places and enjoying ourselves.

It’s why we say to our clients aim for roughly 80% single ingredient, nutrient dense whole foods.

And as for the other 20%, eat what you enjoy.

That 80% is for your body and the 20% is for your mind. 

If I ate like that my whole entire lifetime I’d have a weekend like I just did…

worst foods for fat loss
And this was only half of it…

Mince pies, an atrocious amount of calories from an Indian and some rather tasty chocolate.

But, when those days come along, and shit happens, just move on. Throw it away and get back on it from the next meal.

It’s honestly the best medicine.

You’re in it for the long game. Not the short. You want to change your appearance for years, not a few days.

1 bad day or 1 little treat here and there will not wreck your results and will probably help you stay on track more because you’re going to remain sane.

By affording yourself a little throughout the week you’ll be less tempted to binge on the weekend and rack up those 10,000 calories.

How can you apply this?

Look at your total daily calories, let’s say its 1800…

180-360 calories of that can be a chocolate bar, maybe some popcorn or even a slice of dessert.

It’s tasty right? And you’re going to enjoy yourself.

Eat in moderation, choose foods that fit your macros and aim for the 80/20 rule.

You won’t go far wrong 🙂


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