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Why Women SHOULD train differently than men (so you don’t get bulky)


Although I whole heartedly agree that women should train the same as guys, there are subtle differences that need to be enforced in order to get the best bang for your buck

I mean, not many women want huge thunder thighs that burst jeans at the seam, right?

But they do want a peachy bum to show off – and I’m pretty sure that’s not that high on us guys’ list of targets

Maybe Max’s, not mine ?

At the same time, guys want big shoulders and traps, and ladies?

Not sure that’s a turn on for us blokes…

So, after training hundreds of women, I’ve found that the folllowing 5 points helps women become stronger, fitter and slender WITHOUT adding size

And in fact, makes you appear smaller then ever before.

  1. You have to train the core.

Now don’t get me wrong, training your abs WILL NOT drop the fat and you won’t suddenly see your abs coming through. That’s all to do with your diet and consistency over time.


However, a lot of women I train tend to be hyper mobile.


And I notice this a lot when doing deadlifts, kettlebell Swings or squats.


The lower back tends to arch, meaning there suddenly becomes a lot of pressure in the lumber region.


(Hips come forward / Shoulders go back)


And if you’ve ever suffered with lower back pain, then you know how painful it can be!


This is where your abs become a god send.


Basically, abs are there to prevent such hyper extension from happening.


And the stronger you get them, the more able they are to do their job.


Adding in hanging leg raises, planks, roll outs, walk outs into your plan are a great way of increasing the stability of your abs, and therefore safeguarding your spine.

  1. Women are more hyper mobile (typically) meaning unilateral work is essential.

Women’s bone structure is different to men’s. Think wider hips so therefore it’s important you cater to that when training.


Hypermobility may mean you’re more susceptible to injuries, especially around the knee if you’re not careful.


Working unilaterally is a great way to develop the strength equally on both sides without increasing that risk.


For instance, incorporating single leg deadlifts, single leg hip thrusts or even Bulgarian split squats are a brilliant way of strengthening around those more susceptible areas.

Kneeling to avoid over extension of the back
  1. Ladies – You just aren’t as strong as us blokes

My girlfriend will have something to say about this!!


Sorry to say it, but you’re not.


It’s not to say you can’t be. It’s just that typically you have around 40-60% of the upper body strength of men and 60-75% of the lower body strength of men.


Ever feel like you have a weak upper body?




You also don’t have the same testosterone levels as us guys, so growing muscles?


Manageable – but a longer process.


So, working in the lower ranges in your upper body works well to increase that strength, with heavier weights.


But at the same time, there’s no need to increase the volume of training you do on your arms and shoulders as I’m sure you don’t really care if they’re super strong, just work on altering the weights and sets over time.


Hitting your upper body twice a week, focusing mainly on your lower body, will suffice and the approach I’ve found most suitable.


On top of this, working with bodyweight exercises at the end of the workouts work really well for ‘taxing’ the muscles and most are relatively easy to perform, with better form.

women doing bulgarian split squats
  1. Women’s Goals are different.

You’d love a nice peachy bum, and no more muffin tops.


Us blokes want bigger quads and bigger arms.


Doing bicep curls, to you ladies doesn’t quite sound appealing, does it?


So, like I mentioned above – hitting your lower body, specifically your hamstrings and glutes works really well.


Working on a 1:2 ratio of quad dominant exercises (forward lunges / front squats) to hip dominant exercises (deadlifts / hip thrusts) works really well in building muscle and making your bum stand out in those tightish jeans.


Wicked exercises that help build strength and fill out the derrière include


  • Deadlifts
  • Romanian Deadlifts
  • Single leg deadlifts
  • Hamstring curls
  • Hip thrusts
  • Barbell Bulgarian split squats


Incorporating these into your plan = ?


Here I actually go over how to build the best workout plan of all time that will shed body fat and tone up those wobbly bits

  1. Women can manage more load

Us blokes take longer to recover.

women training core

That’s generally down to the differences in estrogen and muscle fibres (women have more estrogen and Type 1 fibres)


This also means that rest period should be less. No more waiting 2 or so minutes between sets, on Facebook.


Instead. Be strict. Working in 15-45 Second rest periods work super well and are massively effective.


Like this 


Whereas a guy takes a while to recover from 3 weight training sessions a week, a lot of my female clients tend to recover a lot faster and are able to ‘go again’ relatively quickly in comparison.

online coaching women
Naomi managed working out 5 x a week

There you go.


A few ways in which, by slightly altering your plan, you’re going to see greater results and a better overall physique that isn’t ‘bulky, manly or too much’.


In fact, when done properly you can say goodbye to bingo wings, love handles or muffin tops and thunder thighs and say hello to a more feminine physique.

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