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5 simple snack ideas to go from a bloated belly to a lean machine

We all rush around and forget to prep our food the night before. It happens, sometimes we’re so rushed off our feet that we come in and crash out before forgetting we need to eat the next day.

The inevitable happens and we go for a quick fix, a £3 meal day with a sandwich and a juice drink will do the job. Will it though?

Here are five simple tips you can take away to make sure you’re never caught off your feet again.

Best of all, it takes hardly any time at all.

For me, the best time to make my food is when I’m either making my omelette in the morning, or during my dinner. All you need to do is double up your portion sizes and you’re good to go for tomorrow.

The only thing that requires is a big enough pan to cook your meat!

So here are a few ideas you can use which will literally take less time to prep than brushing your teeth in the morning!


  • Cottage Cheese and Strawberries on Rye bread. It’s simple and effective. Slice a loaf of Rye bread in to quarters, whack a dollop of cottage cheese on top and throw some chopped strawberries on top.


  • Hummus and tzatziki on cucumbers and carrots. Slice up the carrots and cucumbers and place them in a container with a few spoons of hummus or tzatziki on. Try your own homemade tzatziki here.


  • Chicken and Cashew Nuts. An awesome go to snack. Make some extra chicken, I like a bit of soy sauce on mine with coconut oil and through in some cashew nuts once it’s a little cooked. Once the chicken is finished, dish it up and store it in your container.


  • Egg and avocado. Cut an avocado in half, slice the bottom off and take out the pip. Crack the egg into the avocado and place it under the grill. Sprinkle some fresh dill on top and happy days. Great source of fats and protein.


  • If all else fails, Marks & Spencers do an awesome Superfood salad! Depending on your goals you may only want around 1/2 of the contents! It can be quite a lot for some of you! But its definitely loaded with good fats, vegan protein and won’t make you feel so bloated afterwards!

These hardly take anytime at all and will set you on the path to success rather than the path of failure. They require a few minutes but once you understand the impact these will have over your usual quick fix or lack of anything, you’ll be making these on a regular basis.

Have fun and let me know how they go!

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