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Why ‘I want to lose weight’ Will Never Get You Anywhere

After the last few weeks it’s become apparent a few of you need to reset your goals again.

I wanna lose weight
I want a flat stomach
I want more energy
They’re all end goals but how much weight, how long till the flat stomach or energy to do what?
I understand what you’re trying to say but you’re not specific enough and that’s why you fail. You give it two weeks, work half heartedly and moan results aren’t there.
So let’s take it back a notch. You need better goals so you have a better chance of realising them. Nobody wants you to fail.
Let’s use the ‘I want to lose weight’ goal and answer a few questions
How much weight do you want to lose? – I want to lose 15lbs
When do you want to lose the weight by? – I want to lose 15lbs by 15th December
Why do you want to lose weight? – I want to lose 15lbs by 15th December because I’ve finally had enough of feeling low about my self and thinking I can’t do anything to change it.
Do you think that has a better chance of success than ‘I want to lose weight’?
You sure bet it does.
Send me your goals through now, what they were before and what they are now. Think about it and keep it in your mind, let it be the focus you need to get you to succeed.
In the coming days we’ll talk more about the 3 Big Rocks that’ll help you not only hit your goal but smash right through it because as we all know, a goal without a plan isn’t good enough.
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