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Why I now hate the fitness industry…

As a fitness business owner I subscribe to a hell of a lot of people.

Some fitness related, some business related.

I also get targeted a lot on facebook, linkedin, via emails and generally every website I go to.

Ads pop up and sometimes I get drawn in.

I subscribe to download these rubbish ‘5 steps to x’…Most of it’s crap, and then I unsubscribe.

Thing is, by that point I’ve entered my name and email address!!

Damn it.

How many times have you been caught up in the emotion %FIRSTNAME% and subscribed…?

Something along the lines of losing 11lbs in 5 days?

To be honest, I’m getting rather sick of it from a business point of view.


‘5 steps to x’


‘1 way to x’


‘1 simple trick that will x’


It’s the same in fitness.


Everyone seems to be a guru now, everyone has some generic plan that they call ‘the magic pill’.


It’s stupid and uneducated.


The other day I subscribed to some fitness people I follow. They’re great at what they do but their emails are terrible. Every other word is a swear word. It’s totally out of character.


It’s not them.


It’s probably what they’re ‘mentor / guru’ told them to do. It’s pointless as every email I get now is exactly the same!!!




Where’s the originality? Where’s the ‘this is why we’re different?’


On that point, I think I’ve seen another 3 bootcamps opening up this week in the local area.


Funny thing is, they’re saying all the same things. It’s the same words, same guarantees, same everything.


I guess they’ve hired the same person to be their mentor?


Now I’m beginning to resent the word ‘bootcamp’. I started mine 4 years ago but I’m going to be calling it something different.


I want to separate my business from all these average Joe’s. It’s not what I created my business for.


So here’s a question.


Let me know what you’d rather call bootcamp?


It’s now so watered down it’s becoming a joke.


We’re not just your typical run-of-the-mill facility.


We’re not the cheapest, I know that.


We don’t just make you do exercises and let you ‘figure it out’


We don’t make you do crazy exercises just for the fun of it because it looks good for marketing.


So let me know what you think bootcamp needs to change to.


Personal, I like Tribe Training or Team Training.


But it’s what’s best for you…


Because at the end of the day, it’s always about you.


Have a lovely day, enjoy the sun and we’ll speak soon!


Sam Beagle

Team uFit


P.S Don’t forget to help me choose a name for my group sessions! Comment below.

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