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What Will This Plan Do?

  1. Burn Fat – This 30 Day Plan is specifically designed to help you burn stubborn fat. Through our nutrition guidelines, our strength workouts and our HIIT workouts, this 30-day fat loss plan will get you dropping fat quicker than you have done before. Our aim is for you to drop a dress size, at least or go down one buckle on your belt.
  2. Give You Accountability – By joining our facebook group, and posting in it, you’ll hold yourself to the high standards of those around you and get better results. Plus, the more you post, the more you win.
  3. Learn Safe And Effective Techniques – Apparently doing weights hurts your knees and back and you get injured? Not if your form is correct. Follow our guidelines outlined in the video below and you’ll be able to walk into any gym, knowing exactly what you’re supposed to do. Sometimes we don’t ‘hit the weights’ because we’re scared we may injure ourselves. Well, now you won’t be. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the facebook group.

How does this plan work? 

So each workout is devised of 6 exercises, each exercise is numbered, some just have a number and will be performed on their own (e.g. 1), these will usually be at the start and end of the workout. Other exercises will have a number and letter (e.g. 2A or 2B), these exercises are to be performed back to back, so complete all the repetitions of exercise ‘A’ then without resting move straight into exercise ‘B’. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this way of working out, then good luck as it’s quite a challenge, but keep focus and push through.

You can thank us later!

Keep an eye on the sets and reps each week as we have designed the workouts in a way that will have you constantly progressing. If you see that the sets and reps haven’t changed, then don’t believe that we are going easy on you, it just means that you should increase the weight from last time. If you notice the sets and reps changing then keep the weight the same as last week but you’ll be lifting it more.

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