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Welcome to the 30 Day Fat Loss Plan

There are a few ground rules though that you must apply in order to get the most benefit from the plan.

1. These plans aren’t individualised. Although they’ll get awesome results, assuming your nutrition is on point, they aren’t specific. That means, if something doesn’t feel right when doing it, then ask for help. See if someone can spot you or ask a qualified member of staff at the gym to check your form. Let’s not injure yourself.

2. Always be honest. We’re not talking about not telling lies, we’re saying be honest in the gym. If you can lift more, do it. If you have 3 more reps to do, do them. Don’t half ass it and lie to yourself.

3. Keep moving forward. In each session try and push a little harder. Increase the weights and don’t be afraid to go ‘heavier’.

4. Watch what you’re eating. In this video – – we explain how you should set up your Macros. Follow that video and use that eating plan alongside these workouts.

5. Reach out. If you’re unsure of an exercise, reach out to me or Max and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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