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uFreak!! Halloween Bootcamp Time!

With the New studio I thought it would be a great idea to have a halloween themed bootcamp! Get the place done up, looking scary and have a workout with other scary looking people!!!

To be honest I wasn’t sure on how everyone would re act, would they dress up? Wouldn’t they? But it sounded a pretty cool idea.

So off I went, thought of some wicked halloween exercises, done the place up and put on my Scream mask (love that film!) And here are the pictures from it 🙂

841259_10151787367131713_1941928076_o 906132_10151787368496713_826445735_o 1400677_10151787365801713_359625317_o 1402104_10151787371436713_192252440_o 1412675_10151787365791713_522811738_o IMG_6034 IMG_6037 IMG_6039 739979_10151787371561713_1553368853_o 775662_10151787372896713_1113669144_o 966028_10151787377351713_1413882256_o 1401437_10151787378241713_487448978_o

It was a great turnout by everyone and we all had an awesome time! Some of you got a little too hot in your costumes so resorted to vests and shorts!!!!

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