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Tuesday (Week 1-4)

Tuesday – Aching from Monday? If not, you haven’t gotten away with it, it’s just a bit delayed.

So today’s workout, LEGS! You either love it or hate it, however you feel about leg day, it still has to be done, so embrace the pain and reap the rewards. Also, just a pre-warning, there are 2 leg days in this plan. Can’t say I didn’t warn you!

Exercise 1, Deadlifts. A great all round exercise that when done correctly (very important that technique is right). Again make sure that the weight challenges you, it’s only 5 reps per set, the pain will be over before you know it.

Deadlifts done, now moving on to the first superset of the day. With the Split Squat, remember that the repetitions are for each side, after completing all the reps for both legs then swiftly move to the leg curls, focus on the contraction of the hamstrings, this will allow you to get the most of out the exercise.

Next superset is done exactly the same way as the first, however, this time, there are a few more reps to complete. You should really feel the muscles burning on this one. As with the regular Deadlifts make sure that your technique for the Straight Leg version is right, before adding any weight. Technique for all exercises is important, but there are a few that require a bit more focus.

Finally, the Hip Bridge, everyone wants a nice backside, don’t they? This exercise does exactly that, lots of reps, but  make sure that you feel each and every repetition, really squeeze your glutes.

Legs                          Wk 1                Wk 2                  Wk 3                    Wk 4

1) Deadlifts                5 x 5                5 x 5                   5 x 5                    5 x 5

2A) Split Squat          4 x 8                4 x 10                 4 x 10                  4 x 12

2B) Leg Curls            4 x 8                4 x 10                 4 x 10                  4 x 12

3A) Leg Extensions  3 x 12              3 x 12                 3 x 12                  3 x 15

3B) SL Deadlifts       3 x 12             3 x 12                  3 x 12                  3 x 15

4) Hip Bridge            2 x 20             2 x 20                  2 x 20                 2 x 20

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