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Would You Trust This Woman to Lead a Nation’s Health Issues?

So Belgium it seems are trying to curb their growing obesity crisis by employing Maggie De Block to tackle it’s problems.

Except there’s one problem, Maggie herself is over 20 stone (300lbs) and considered morbidly obese herself?

Being in charge of a countries health issues when you’re overweight yourself seems a little strange, I think I’d find it more appealing to listen to a person who’s in great shape, practises what they preach and looks healthy too. Someone that I’d like to model myself around.

For me, I’d listen then, because if I’m taking orders from someone who’s in poor shape themselves, who seems to lack willpower to change their body and lead a lifestyle of health and fitness then I doubt I’d pay much attention.

She may have some great ideas and some awesome ways of dealing with obesity but if she can’t tackle it herself would I expect others to follow?

Yeah she may be qualified on paper, but we all know that’s not everything, paper means nothing unless you can put those words on that paper into action!

Being over 20 stone / 300lbs and guiding people on nutrition is a little far fetched for my liking, whether her true values are in the right place.

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