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The Trump: Metabolic Madness

The more you read this workout, and decide to do it, the more you’ll realise it’s mad. Totally bonkers but you can’t help but be drawn to it. Thing is, you’re going to be tempted to try it, just to see how it ends up.

What is it?

A pretty neat tried and tested workout that you can do in the gym today. It won’t require much time but you know it’ll get you results. It would be a good idea to chuck this workout in at the end of your routine in the gym, or, if you just do cardio – a direct replacement.

I say *just* because steady state cardio really doesn’t hit your lungs like this workout, nor does it stimulate fat burning as much.

I’m not hating on cardio bunnies but try this workout out and let me know the difference in how you feel during and after ok?

The workout itself has burnt around 400 calories when I’ve done it, and the same for other people.

What’s also awesome is the afterburn effect you’ll get from it.

You see, using this workout over conventional cardio will mean you’re burning calories long after the workout has finished. In fact, up to 48 hours after.

And, coming into the Holiday season, the more calories you’re burning throughout the day, the less you can worry about the little treats you give yourself day to day.

I’m not saying you can go stuff your face with chocolate cakes, chips and the like.

But knowing you’re burning more calories in a day may help prevent the dreaded weight gain over the coming months.

Or at least stall it in some way.

I’m all for you enjoying your holidays, having as much fun as possible and relaxing a little so by using these types of workouts you can worry a little less, knowing You’re still burning fat throughout the day And you’re less likely to mess up.

So without further ado, here’s the short, intense workout that will burn twice as many calories as your normal workout in half the time.


Workout Name: The Trump

Instructions: Complete 4 rounds of circuit 1, rest for two minutes then complete 4 rounds of circuit 2. Complete each circuit as quickly as you can

Circuit 1: 

Goblet Squat x 6

Sumo DB Row x 8/arm

Walking Lunges x 10/leg

Press Ups x 12 Plank x 30 seconds  


REST X 2min


Circuit 2:

DB Romanian Deadlifts x 8

Kneeling Shoulder Press x 8

Landmine Rotations x 8/side

Squat Jumps x 8

Narrow Press Ups x 8  

Try it out, see how you get on 🙂  

PS If you fancy getting more workouts like this, so you can burn a tonne of calories and not have to worry so much about your weight over the holiday period, sign up to my newsletter here

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