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All Things Fitness: How to Optimise Sleep for Fat Loss and Performance

It’s nearly the end of February and even though the days are becoming significantly brighter and longer, I quite often feel that regardless how many hours sleep I get, my body keeps crying for more. Can you relate to this statement? I wouldn’t be surprised if your answer was yes.


If you are as eager as I am to learn about “How to optimise sleep for performance and fat loss?“, come and join me this Thursday (TODAY!!), 26th Feb @630pm @uFit for our next seminar event where Sam will cover the following:

  • Why is sleep so important?
  • 5 mistakes people make which is killing their sleep AND energy!
  • How to get 8 hours of completely undisturbed sleep?
  • Why is sleep vital for fat loss?
  • 10 ways to fall asleep immediately after getting to bed!
  • How does stress effect sleep and how to deal with it?
  • And tons more!!


You can be sure I will be “sitting” in the first row as having enough quality sleep has been one of my biggest challenges throughout my life and the lack of it is definitely a show stopper for me at the moment to reach my current goals.


So remember, it’s 6:30PM, 26th February at uFit


Unit 7, Slough Business Park

94 Farnham Road




Admission is free, bookings are open on (All Things Fitness) or let us know by answering this email!


Or opt in below to register your interest 🙂




Please note there won’t be an Assessment Session held that evening!


Eszter Boros


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