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The 3 Most Overused Machines in The Gym

Ok. I’ll be blunt.


They are:
  1. Treadmill
  2. Crosstrainer
  3. Bike


Damn, do you use these machines? Awkward hey?


These are the machines that most people use in the gym, I used to see every single one of these machines, full with a queue at peak hours (until I had enough and opened my own studio). You jump on it, walk, jog or watch TV for around 20 minutes and then get off before moving on to the next machine (whichever is closer) for the next 20 minutes. You complete a ‘solid’ hours workout of 20 minute blocks on each machine and you go home satisfied. Only to realise 6 months down the line you haven’t actually seen any significant results. 


You then tweak your programme, you may increase the length to 25 minutes or push just a little harder but no matter what, your weight is shifting and you’re still unhappy with your look.


This can either go one of two ways.


A) You realise what you’re doing is wrong and you change your workout pattern
Or, most likely


B) You quit. 


[bctt tweet=”[bctt tweet=”You quit because you’ve put in all this hard work but aren’t getting any returns so, you accept that the gym is a waste of time.”]


Have you ever looked at the person you want to look like and thought about their workout routine?


Take Jen Selter for example, the most famous woman on Instagram. Could you workout what she actually does in the gym? Does she do the same that you do and eat the same way?


If you can’t guess it’s a no. She lifts weights and eats very clean. She understands that her ‘cardio’ workouts aren’t the staple of her workouts but quite the opposite, they supplement them. She trains in excess of 3 times a week with weights and probably does a few good 20 minute cardio workouts 2-3 times a week either at the end of the workout or on their own. 


The workouts you’re doing aren’t won’t suffice in getting your legs slimmer, or toning your stomach. Quite the opposite, they’ll just help increase your CV fitness and expend a few hundred calories. 


I know what it’s like, you think you’re working hard as you’re not used to exerting yourself and you have no one to compare yourself too. Have you ever stopped someone in the gym with a great shape and asked what they do?




Ok. Go and ask them. Ask them these 3 questions.
  1. How often do you train?
  2. What do you do when you train?
  3. How often do you cardio workouts (explain what you do)?


You’ll probably be shocked to hear they aren’t on the cross trainer or bike at all. 


So what can you do instead?


Well, there are a number of things which are dependant on the time you have available and the amount of sessions you do a week. 


Let’s say you can commit to three sessions a week. Those three sessions should be weights and hard work combined. Lift heavy, lift safe and work hard in each and every set. You can superset exercises back to back to help increase your energy expenditure and half the time you’re working out. Not only will your muscles get a great workout still, but your lunges will be on fire. 
How quickly will results come then? 


When you lift weights you are going to build muscle, not tons of it, don’t worry. But the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the higher your metabolism the greater energy expenditure you’ll have.


It’s not only that, but it’s a far more effective way of burning fat and can be done in as little as 20 minutes. 


There are tons of other benefits as well, but for you, you want to burn fat and lose weight so lifting weights will absolutely help with that!


One great way to start is to complete these home workouts below. They are bodyweight only an can be done in the comfort of your own home. A perfect introduction to how a workout should feel afterwards.


I’ll be going over this topic of programme design as the weeks progress…


Have an awesome week!
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