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Supersets: Better results in less time

Two hour gym sessions


Sweating as much as you can


Not leaving the gym until you’ve burnt a 1000 calories and sweated over every machine possible.


These hardcore ‘gym goers’ don’t realise those over in the free weights section. They’re frowned upon for being meat heads and abusing steroids.


It’s an old opinion but one that’s still valid.


Back in the day burning 1000 calories in a session was something to be proud of. Boasting to your friends how many calories you’ve burnt.


‘Can I burn more calories next session?’ was always in your head the next time you’re about to head to the gym.


Countless times I’ve been sitting with leads ‘in limbo’, unsure why they’re not seeing the results they want to see.


The barbells and benches are intimidating and I get that.




But as I’m walking in to my local gym, I see two distinct sets of people.


Those that are in shape (using the free weights)


And those that aren’t (the ones I’m describing above – The 1000 calorie happy bunny type of people).


There’s nothing wrong with that if all you want to do is waste some time out of your day.


But there’s a theme here.


If you truly, and I mean deep down have a desperation to get in shape then you need to turn your head and walk in the opposite way when you enter the gym next.

Head to the free weights and have a plan. 


Even if you have absolutely no idea of what you’re doing, just go there and copy someone that you envy, someone who’s in great shape.


So where can you start?


Think movements and fit that in to a small amount of time.


If you’re wondering what movements are, then head over here, I explain what movements are.


So once you understand what should be in a program, how can you get that in to 30-45 minutes and see better results?


Say hello to supersets…

Supersets are great, they effectively reduce your workout time and give you a great burn that helps you burn fat.

Supersets are generally two exercises performed back to back with little or no rest.


For instance, an incline chest press with bent over rows.


Two different movements that means you’re not working the same muscles so you can reduce your rest period.


– It increases your heart rate, to one that’s probably higher than your treadmill running.

– It allows you to have more exercises in a single workout, meaning you’ll build stronger muscle.

– Gives one muscle time to recover whilst you work the other.

– Increases nervous system activation of the agonist, in this case, helping you on the bent over rows.


It has it’s place and is, as described above, highly effective for anyone that’s limited not their time and looking to reduce a little bit of fat whilst increasing their strength.


I use them in my program, for instance today I completed a monster superset where my chest was destroyed but my back felt pretty solid.


I’ll detail my own plan in another blog post.


But for now, try it.


Actually don’t try, when we try we fail, 99% of the time.


Just do it.


Below is a weeks worth of programs designed for you, using the above principle that is uber successful.

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