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How to stop insomnia and wake up energised

I used to sleep like a baby and now I just long for those kinda nights.

Those nights where I can just hit the pillow and fall asleep.

Basically exactly what my girlfriend Helen does.

She can be saying one thing, or ask a question and before I’ve even answered she’s flat out snoring.

Ok, maybe not snoring! haha. But definitely asleep.

It’s ridiculous / highly impressive.

Even to this day I don’t quite get it.

She’s fine-tuned it to perfection and when I wake up in the morning, she hasn’t moved a muscle.

It’s like she has this magical power where she can think ‘sleep’ and the brain just says



But how can you beat insomnia, or just restlessness and get a great night’s sleep so you can feel as fresh as a daisy when you wake up in the morning?

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1. Make your room a bat cave. Turn off all lights, close all blinds and curtains and make it as dark as possible.

2. Remove all electrics from your bedroom. Charge your phone outside, keep your iPad there too. Basically have nothing around you that could disturb your sleep.

3. Keep it cool. Open some windows perhaps, but keep it slightly cooler than room temperature. You don’t want to bake under all those layers.

4. Have some carbs before bed (yes after 6pm is fine). You don’t have to go to bed at 5:59pm. For some, carbs make us drowsy so a small bowl of oats may help.

5. Have a journal and write down what you’re grateful for, or reflect on the day. Leave your thoughts on the paper, not in your head.

6. If you can’t hold liquids in that well then perhaps stay away from your late night teas. It’ll only make you wake up to go to the toilet.

7. If it doesn’t though, try Camomile tea before bed.

8. Put some Epsom bath salts in your bath to help you relax.

9. Wake up to soothing music. None of this ‘BANG BANG BANG’ alarm you have. All that does is scare the living daylights out of you. Buy a light alarm clock that gradually lights up as it gets near the time of your alarm. And then wake up to the sound of the beach waves…hhmmmmm…

10. Get up and go to bed at the same time everyday. Studies show you will develop a routine and your body will become accustomed to that exact routine, helping you fall asleep quicker.

11. Get some exercise in in the day. A lot of desk workers suffer because of the lack of movement in a day then when it comes to the evening, they haven’t done enough to feel like their body needs sleep. Exercise for at least 20-30 mins a day, like this home workout perhaps, and burn some energy off 🙂

12. Walk 10,000 steps. Similar to above, on average you may walk 1-2000 steps a day. In reality, it’s not good enough and you’re really not burning off many calories. Get up, walk around for a bit, maybe around the block. Get up and walk every 30 minutes at work and feel the difference when you hit the sack in the evening.

Try 1 or 2 of these things before you try everything otherwise you’ll have no idea what’s worked and what hasn’t.

That’s it for now…

Sleep well tonight

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