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3 Fatal Mistakes People Make When Setting New Years Resolutions


I’m not one for New Years resolutions but I am one for making goals and following through with them

I’ve done it countless times in my own career, and every time a new client joins, we set goals and smash the hell out of them

So, I guess in a way, any excuse for creating goals can only be good.

Whether you follow through or not? Well that’s a different thing.

All too often I see huge unrealistic resolutions that just set you up for failure.

Kinda like saying a 8 month old baby should start walking before they can crawl.

Our expectations of ourselves our so lofty yet we have no history to back up our own claims.

Want to lose 50lbs this year? Hit the gym 5x a week? Or fit into a size 8?

What if you haven’t lost any weight last year? Never made it to the gym or are sitting at a size 18 now.

Being realistic with yourself? Honestly?

And that’s the first mistake

1. We Place Unrealistic Expectations On Ourselves

new years resolutions

Instead of trying to drop 50lbs, or getting to the gym 5x a week how about we just focus on the first lb?

Or even getting to the gym just once?

Will that do?

Don’t expect to go from Zero to Hero overnight. No matter how much you want to. It simply isn’t going to happen for 99.9% of us.

So I’m urging you, right now to reconsider your goal and making it something you can win and not lose.

With me?

Aim to hit the gym twice a week or drop 20lbs.

When you get there, reevaluate where you are and adjust again.

Which leads us onto the next mistake

2. We focus on the macro instead of the micro

new years resolutions

Like I said above, losing 50lbs is awesome – and achievable in a year, but what if we broke that macro gaol down into a micro one and just used them instead?

That 50lb goal seems scary right? Like where do you start…?

Now if you broke that 50lbs into 5 blocks.

10lbs by x date
20lbs by x date
30lbs by x date
and so on…

And all you need to do is reach that first goal. And yes, you can even break that 10lbs down into blocks of 2lbs…

If you focused on the number right infront of, rather than the end goal it suddenly seems a lot easier to manage, right? And a ton less scary

3. One slip up leads to a total write off

By now, 54% of you reading this would have broken your New Years Resolutions

By next it’ll be 65% and by the end of the year only 8% of you would have achieved what you set out to achieve at the start of the year

Just because you mess up it doesn’t mean you’ve failed, right?

It just means you’re a human. Like the rest of us. I can’t count how many times I’ve screwed up.

I have a fitness goal this year – like the rest of us but I haven’t done a single workout yet. Have I failed already? 4 days in?

Imagine if I just wrote the year off from today. That’s another 352 days of not working out.

Geez, sounds ludicrous when you put it like that.

I’m a massive believer of the 80 / 20 Principle. Slightly twisted to fit my lifestyle

80% of the time do the right things. Get to the gym when you said you were going to. Eat how you’re supposed to 80% of the time.

And if you mess up, you mess up. That’s it. You’re allowed to, 20% of the time.

I still have 69 days to ‘mess up’ this year…

And I believe in myself enough to not use all of them

Here at uFit, we don’t preach about being perfect – just consistent.

If you can apply consistency over time, you’re over half way there.

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