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Ramadan: Keeping fit and healthy and the weight gain away

If You Struggle With Your Weight And Eating All The Wrong Foods During The Month Of Ramadan, Then This Article Will Help You Stay On Track, Identify What Foods To Eat, How To Exercise And Optimise Your Health

You’d think if you couldn’t eat for 18 hours a day you’d lose weight, right?


Sadly, not the case.


Fried foods, lots of it and an emotional tug of war means that the average weight increase in Ramadan ( a month of fasting) is over 3lbs…

Doesn’t quite add up.

Have to admit, I do enjoy a bit of intermittent fasting, essentially what this is, and use it on a number of clients to help them regulate their intake and find a balance with their diet.

Here’s the low down on how to get through the evenings, maintain your weight and add a little bit of exercise in order to maintain your physique. 

Notice I say maintain here, the goal isn’t to increase or decrease…

Maintenance will do.

1. Prepare your meals in advance. And definitely don’t do it when you’re hungry.

The worst thing you can do is cook when you’re hungry. That could easily get out of control. How do I know? Because it’s the same for me and my clients. Make it during the middle of your eating period. Focus on protein and veg. Preparation goes A LONG way. If you’ve done your homework and prepped you’ll see yourself reaching for the quick convenient foods less and instead filling yourself up with better quality, more wholesome foods.

2. Open the fast with a smoothie.

Blend up spinach, protein powder, super greens, oats, fruit and some ice with almond milk. Eat this as the first ‘meal’. Why? Because it is SOO filling! And also crazily healthy.

Not a fan of smoothies?

Then soups are an awesome alternative.

3. Do lighter weights with more reps.

Shoot for controlled reps with a lighter weight than normal, like 60-70% of the weight you’d use. On top of that focus on 12-15 reps. The goal isn’t to increase strength or ‘go through the pain’. It’s just to maintain and keep yourself ticking over. Avoid tons of cardio, hiit and supersetting exercises. No one wants you to faint. 6-8 exercises per workout should do it.

Basically lower the intensity, ok?

Oh, and if you can? Do this during the eating period. There’s a ton of gyms around here that are 24/7 and are cheaper than a cup of coffee a day. 

(I’m actually training clients at midnight 4x a week…bye bye sleep)

4. Don’t go all out.

I know how appealing a feast may seem but that’s not going to help all that hard work you’ve put in over the last few months. An easy mistake to make, but keep an eye on your calories. You don’t need to make up for all the missed calories in the day. Just eat a normal amount.

5. Burn out

Realise that less food in the day = less energy. It’s natural and absolutely fine. Slow down your day, realise you might not be able to do everything you normally do in a day and that’s ok.

Take regular breaks, relax and when you get home from work, if at possible, take a little nap.

6. Keep hydrated.

Now, don’t guzzle down litres of water straight away. Just sip it as you usually would throughout the day. 500mls here, 500mls there…Keep it constant throughout the fast and then before the pre dawn meal, drink two glasses to stay as hydrated as possible throughout the day.

All the best with it, even though I’m not following Ramadan, I’ve used these principles over the last few years to help many clients throughout the month.

7. Keep protein up

Focus on protein if you’d still like some muscle at the end of Ramadan. That’s roughly 4 fist sizes of protein each night for women and 5 for you guys. Keep it lean though. Chicken, whey protein, casein protein, turkey, eggs, fish. Lamb, Steak is great too, just contains a little more calories.

8. Keep these foods in your diet each night because they are ?

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, meat, apples, nuts, oats, super greens, rice, sweet potato, all the veg, cottage cheese, Greek Yoghurt, almond milk, flaxseed, fish oil, fish…You get the drift.

Ramadan Mubarak to all of you this month ?

Any questions, you know where to find me…

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