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Hey everyone,

So the fitness tests are a chance for us to assess everyone’s fitness levels and follow your progression through your uFit journey.

By having an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses it’ll allow us, as a company to provide a better service by being able to tailor the programs to suit your needs and wants.

The fitness tests, what we refer to as Raising the Bar will be held every 10-12 weeks and the schedule should have been emailed to everyone with regards to the weeks the tests are taking place.

We have 4 levels, and with each level represents a new challenge. It’s not just about how fit you are but how well you engage. Have you been to our seminars, have you come to any uFit events?

These will form a basis to the level you’re currently at too, as that’s just as important as the fitness tests in our eyes.


Tomorrow Starts Today

You’ve just started on your uFit lifecycle, you’re going to be learning a lot but right now it’s all about turning up for sessions and following basic nutrition guidelines. We’ll get to the rest later.


I Can And I Will

You’re on the right path, you’re starting to get to grips with how we work with our clients, you’ve have completed your first Raising the Bar test. You’re committing to 3 x a week regularly and you’ve adopted a basic nutrition plan that is steady for the goals you want to achieve.


Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

You’re getting there and at least 5 months in. Your exercise routine is dialled in and you’ve adopted a good understanding of nutrition. You’ve come to a minimum of 3 workshops and you participate in our team events. Your fitness test results have improved and you’ve passed your level 2 status!


Finish What You Started

Now you’re on a roll – 9 months and counting. Your nutritional knowledge is advanced and you can apply your knowledge without question. You’ve noticed a big change in your fitness and you’re hitting 3 sessions a week still. You’ve passed your level 3 fitness test and you’ve offered to change a life by referring a friend to uFit.


Level 4

Total ‘Life Changer’, Not only have you passed the level 4 exam but you’re educating yourself on exercise and nutrition as well as giving out your knowledge to other clients. You’ve hit some amazing milestones, most notably attending 10 workshops and your one year anniversary. You’ve also changed a life by introducing them to uFit and shown them the way forward.


Together Everybody Achieves More

Mentor. Wow, what a rockstar! You’re an inspiration and are helping other uFitters on a regular basis, whether that be through your own gathered knowledge or using knowledge from industry leaders. You’re seen as a uFit role model and an inspiration to everyone. You’re willing to help others out to help pay it forward. NOTE: You do not have to be level 4 to reach this status.


Fitness Tests (level 1 to level 4 guided times and results)

  • Press Ups                                           6/10   10/25   18/40   28/55            This is female/Male.
  • Sit Ups                                                 20         35        45        55
  • Burpees                                                12         16        20        31
  • KB Swings (5 minutes)                   180       210       240      290
  • 150m Dash (total time)                 2:25      2:05      1:55     1:40
  • Sled Test (Not Available ATM)    2:30      2:05      1:50    1:38
  • Plank                                           0:45           1:10        1:45    2:10


Press Ups, Sit Ups and Burpees are all total number of reps in 60 seconds.


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