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Post Workout Nutrition for Fat Loss

I get a lot of questions with people asking me about what they should eat post workout to stay lean.

They see guys chugging down protein shakes and stocking up on major carbs but for them, it just isn’t working. They start to see they’re adding on size but not necessarily keeping the lean body mass that they were hoping for. Which is pretty common. So can you add size but still stay lean? A lot of people will bulk up first and then strip back the fat with crazy diets etc.

So post workout I would reccomend BCAA‘s as well as a teaspoon or two of coconut oil. This won’t spike the insulin levels that stunts your growth hormones. You’ll need high levels of GH if you’re aiming to put on muscle.

Great BCAA‘s can be found here ->

BCAA‘s are great before and after, to keep your growth hormone levels high and not impacting on insulin.

Coconut Oil can be found here ->

Again doesn’t spike insulin levels but enters bloodstream like most carbs.

Your Growth Hormone will then start to lower 45 minutes post workout, where you may want to consider a protein shake.

The one I use is..…

So shall you stop carbs altogether for fat loss and lean muscle?

I know a lot of people who cut the carbs back completely, but this may not be the best idea. Sure, for continued fat loss lowering carbs is pretty good, however, leptin (fat burning hormone) release is related to our carb intake and fat levels. As leptin controls our energy expenditure, it’s pretty important!

Therefore, by lowering carb intake, leptin levels will also decrease, lowering the metabolic rate.

By adding in high carb days every 5 days or so you can boost your leptin levels, which will in turn keep your hormones balanced. Your high carb day will also help keep your testosterone levels high as well as T3. Both of these hormones also help your fat loss!


Hope that helps, any questions, just ask

Sam Beagle

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