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Philippines Typhoon Appeal Charity Bootcamp


This Saturday the 23rd November at 10am there will be a one hour charity bootcamp especially for the victims of the worst natural disaster to hit Earth.

I’m not sure about you but I can’t just sit here and do nothing whilst there’s so much pain and suffering across the Philippines and SO MANY people are in need.

We need to do something and every little help will do so much for those that need it.

I can’t begin to imagine how many lives have been effected in so many ways.

Home’s have been destroyed, families torn apart, loved one’s lost, entire cities destroyed, kid’s not seeing their parents again…

We as people have a right to help, it’s in our nature, we’re designed to give, to help those when they need it most. Especially at this time of year. It;s meant to be a reason to celebrate, to share time with your loved ones, to cherish memories that will last a life time. And I for one will find it difficult to do so if I haven’t done my most to help.

If we collectively raise a small donation that will put a smile on a kid’s face, allow a family to eat for a week, give those worst affected water to use for a day then it’ll be worth it.

So if you want to do all you can, to help a little then get down to uFit bootcamp this SATURDAY! (23rd November) and donate whatever you can. All you need to do is turn up, the workout is 100% FREE, all I ask is for a donation (and bring a friend!). Delay that shopping trip an hour, get out of bed an hour earlier or delay that coffee shop visit to really give something that will mean so much to so many people.

100% of the donations will go DIRECTLY to the Philippines. So please head over to our unit this weekend for 10AM for a one hour bootcamp where you can donate what you like 

The address is:

Unit 7, Slough Business Park,
94 Farnham Road,

Let’s get together and help a country in need at a time when they need it most

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