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Peter Soon: Finding A Healthy Balance

Just finished a brilliant lunch break chat with Peter Soon from Peter Soon Fit.

I’ve wanted to chat to Peter for a while simply because of his quality and consistent golden nuggets that are perfect for the busy individual looking to get fit in a sustainable way. Peter’s a personal trainer and online coach who specialised in getting busy people lean in the most efficient way possible.

In a short period time, Peter has amassed over 50,000 instagram followers as well as a large client base across the world.

Even though Peter advocates a flexible diet, he’s quick to say it’s not a one size fits all approach and offers what’s best for his clients.

Really appreciate Peter’s time as it was getting close to midnight by the time we ended the chat. Even if you don’t have a busy work schedule and are more of a stay at home mum, you’ll still find this short podcast. The tactics and habits we speak about in this podcast just about applies to everyone, regardless of gender, career path or relationship status.

Please enjoy this free flowing short conversation with Peter Soon which covers the following:

  • Best ways to manage your health during a busy work schedule
  • The #1 habit you need to focus on if you want to drop body fat and build a healthier life


  • Why a personal trainer doesn’t work


  • Overcoming fears and your own limiting beliefs around getting to the gym


  • And 2 tips that will dramatically increase your chances of getting fitter, stronger and more confident with yourself.
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