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Personal Trainers Required

Are you a Personal Trainer looking for a studio in Slough to train your clients? With easy access to the M4, Windsor, Slough and Maidenhead? Big enough to fit your group sessions in and with enough equipment to train those groups?

uFit’s Private Fitness studio may be just for you. Over 1,800 sq Ft with a large space for your groups as well as plenty of ropes, kettle bells, slam balls, weights, barbells, prowler sleds.

Come down and check us out to see if you can take your training to the next level.

I know how hard it is to train clients outside, in their homes and in busy gyms. I tried endlessly to find this space and at a cost effective price it’ll be a lot cheaper than the £1000+ rent gyms charge.

I’m looking for £10 a session to start with and if you get super busy I’ll put you on something that is more affordable for you.

Come check us out and see how you can upgrade your training.

Need a space to train clients?
Train hassle free in over 1,800 sq ft equipment filled studio
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