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Overcoming the Office Cake Culture That’s Swept The Nation

If You Struggle Saying No To Cake And The Office Cake Culture Then This Quick Read Will Give You Some Easy Alternatives To Reduce What’s On Your Plate Tomorrow At Lunch

You know I didn’t realise this ‘Office Cake Culture‘ was an actual thing?


Apparently it’s ruining our health, wrecking our teeth and viciously adding to our ever expanding waistlines…


That every 5 minutes it’s either a birthday or one of your co workers is doing the wrong thing by trying to cheer everyone up with cake..


Hey, cake cheers me up but when I’m trying to get lean? And feel healthy?


The last thing I want is cake, doughnuts or biscuits left on my desk. After all, we know it’s calories in vs calories out


No matter how hard my clients try, they still struggle with pulling their hands away from all the treats. Especially when the bakers been up all night, sweating away whilst making the glorious gateau that sits before you

office cake culture

And if you work a 9-5 job with a bunch of friendly (or unfriendly) co workers then I’m sure you struggle with:


1) Staying focused when junk foods passed around




2) Eating well on the go in between meetings and travelling for work


So, to help my current clients, and you, I’ll be breaking these down and giving you some actionable advice on how to ‘put the blinkers on’ and ‘stay focused’ on the long game.


Even when that glorious cakes landed on your desk for the fourth time today


For sure, the odd doughnut isn’t going to hurt, and in truth it’ll do little to add to your waistline, but, make it an everyday habit and yes…


5 digestive biscuits and 415 calories later…


You’ll soon find it hard to reverse the habit and do up that button around your trousers.


Scenarios neither one of us want.


And yes, calories do count on someone’s birthday…


So how do you stay focused on your fitness goal when all around you is forgetting theirs?


1. Bring Your Own Food

It’s easy to dip into the biscuit tin or grab that slice of Judie’s birthday cake when you have no other option but bring along some of your own food and you’ll find it a whole lot easier to resist.


Slide a few bananas, apples, cashews or protein bars into your desk every few days and you’re fully stocked for healthier alternatives.


Not only will the above help your appetite, they also provide a gazillion times more nutrients than the biscuits/sweets/cakes that’s wafting through the office.

cake culture

2. Decline politely then give them the evils if that doesn’t work

When you say ‘No’ the first time you’re bound to be met with resistance. ‘Oh, Go On…We saved it for you’ or ‘Just one won’t hurt, it’s rude not to’.


But being firm and saying no, then heading to the toilet or removing yourself from that environment and within a few minutes the cake holder will forget.


They’ll be so focused on other things they won’t really care whether you said yes or no and likely won’t remember.


Sure it’ll take around 90 seconds of constant ‘No’, ‘No thank you’, ‘Not today please’ and they’ll just get fed up and move on.


You say it two or three more times and they’ll soon remember not to ask.


It’s just their first time and their own habits/opinions of you that you need to change.


It only takes one time to change an opinion.


 office cake culture

3. Bring In Your Own Healthier Alternatives

Why not make your own protein muffins, or protein bars to bring in and share around?


Potentially lower in calories, and healthier, they’ll go down a treat and you won’t get the evil looks from other desk jockeys for not joining in…

4. Get Out AT Lunch Time Or Have Walking Meetings

Usually, a lot of snacking is down to boredom and to fill time…


Facebook anyone?…


Why not replace that boredom with a quick walk instead? Ask your boss for a five minute break every few hours to clear your head and increase your productivity?


If you get a lot of colleagues going for ‘fag breaks’, ask for the same, but a little healthier alternative ?


Get your colleagues involved or if you usually pick the phone when talking to them, get up and walk to their desk and have the chat.


Not only that, but giving it 10 minutes before you devour half the cake will actually make it easier to say no. Most of the time it’s that sudden urge to say yes, and join in that let’s us down.


If you give it 10 minutes, the urge will go and you’ll find yourself able to make a more reasonable decision. AKA not hitting the cake…

5. Create Challenges & Competitions

Man, I love a little challenge and competition…


It seems like everyone nowadays has a Fitbit or tracker of some sort.


Unless of course, you’re clinging on to the 1990’s.


So get your colleagues involved and create a healthy challenge that everyone can participate in.


Set a deadline and an action and compete against your team to win.


Who doesn’t wanna get one over your mate opposite you?


Simple challenges like a step challenge, or an activity challenge or even a calorie challenge goes a long way in not only focusing on healthy habits, but turning the culture around in your office in to a more productive, energised and healthy one.


Instead of creating an office cake culture, swap it for an office step

6. Record It. Everytime.

Put a little notebook in your drawer and each time you reach for that ‘food’ put it into your notebook. Writing down what you eat will probably shock you and put you off actually eating it.


If all you see is


  • 4 biscuits
  • pack of crisps
  • slice of cake
  • 3 biscuits
  • doughnut


In your notebook you’re going to find it hard to keep adding to that list out of guilt.


Now it’s not the best way, I’m not looking at guilt tripping you here but instead, I’m making you aware of the decisions you’re making.


Do you really want that food and does it align with your goal of ‘losing x lbs’ or ‘not missing 2 meals’ a day?


There you go, a mini survival guide for the office cake culture that seems to be sweeping the nation faster than the Aussie flu that went down a couple of weeks ago.


Remember, it’s totally cool to say yes every now and then and 1 ‘bad’ snack won’t make you fat, or ruin your results.


But over time it’s going to be difficult to break the routine.

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