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One Bar Workout: 20 Mins Of Fat Burning Fortunes

Yesterday Max put me through my paces…Literally

4 exercises back to back with the same weight.
The idea is that you pick a weight that is challenging on your weakest exercise, but you can do all the required repetitions with good technique.

Quality over Quantity!

Most of these workouts have been adapted by following brilliant programmers, and a lot of these workouts are similar to the Met Con style workouts we give to our clients on the odd occasion.

If you’d like to read up on more workouts like the one below, definitely check out Dan John, Zac Even-Esh and Martin Rooney.

Brilliant guys and brilliant programmers for workouts like this.

The Workout:

Power Clean 8-6-4
Military Press 8-6-4
Front Squat 8-6-4
Floor Press 8-6-4

(Do all 8, then move on to 6 of each, then 4)

Farmers Walk 60m

400m Run

The 4 exercises in this specific routine;

Power Clean – A variation on the 2nd Olympic Lift.
This is the most technical of the 4 movements, hence why it’s first.

Power up from the legs, drive through the hips, hitting the bar off mid thigh and use the momentum to drop under the bar to catch it, just below a standing position.

Military Press – There go your shoulders, this ones going to burn!

The weakest of all 4 movements, due to the shoulders being a smaller muscle group. This is the one that dictates the weight used for the entire session.

Keep your core braced, push through the shoulders. Your head moves out of the way and then comes forward again, once the bar has passed.

Remember your body moves around the bar, not the other way round.

If you find your lower back hurting or you tend to arch your back. Work on your shoulder mobility.

Front Squat – A great variation of the classic squat movement.

There are various ways to hold the bar, the clean grip (shown in the video) is the best, but requires the most mobility.

Great thing about the Front Squat is due to the position of the bar, it causes you to be in a more upright position.

Make sure that you are pushing through your heels, knees follow your feet (they shouldn’t move excessively inwards or outwards).

Floor Press – A great pushing exercise, similar to a Bench Press, but with less range of motion, making it simpler.

Elbows shouldn’t be flared outwards, keep them slightly tucked in.

Control the weight down and push up with more explosiveness.

After completing all the reps of each exercise.

Straight into the Farmers Walk, pick a heavy weight, choose your distance.

Squeeze the shoulder blades, chest up, short quick steps.
Then add in a little bit of traditional cardio (400m run in this case).

If your used to ‘normal’ cardio or weightlifting workouts. Give this a go, it will torch fat and won’t take any longer than 30mins (not including warm up).

It’s easy to hit the gym and complete ‘standard‘ gym workouts which feels like you’re doing something.

But chucking in workouts like this?

Gives you this huge sense of self achievement and absolutely bursts your lungs.

In essence, you feel like you’re doing 10x the amount in a 1/3 of the time.

My time: 18 Mins

Have fun 😉

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