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How To Eat All The Foods At Christmas And Get Away With It On The Scales…

Christmas…. WOOOOO!!

I’m super pumped that it’s only a matter of a few days away because as most of you know I LOVE FOOD.

Especially all the cakes, mince pies and pigs in blankets.

Let’s not forget them, they deserve a special mention.
But, it needs to be said, you can’t have ALL your favourite foods ALL of the time.

As much as I bang on about being flexible and hitting your macros with the foods you enjoy, no matter who you are or what calories / macros you’re on – You won’t be able to stick to your macros by eating an unlimited amount of the foods you want.

Sorry, but it’s just not going to happen.

The best way you can manage Christmas Day (and Boxing Day and New Years Day) is to be mindful, enjoy portions in an appropriate way and make intelligent choices.

But that in itself is almost as tough as giving birth…

So following on from my previous Christmas Survival Guide

When you have family tucking into all kinds of foods, from starters to sugar filled desserts to beers and wine you have a tough choice to make.

But you do have choices, remember that.

No matter how hard they seem or unrealistic they may appear, they are still options you have on the table.

  1. Think F*** it and just eat whatever. Likely throwing your hard earned results down the drain.
  2. Sticking to the plan 100%. Eating small portions and measuring your portion sizes might just make you insane…


3. Enjoy bigger portions and a day off from your usual routine knowing you’re still making steady progress to your long term goal.

In essence, #3 sounds the most obvious choice right? But how can you still see progress and weight loss on the scales by eating larger portions and going off track for a day?

Well, there’s a number of ways you can do just this.

And these exact techniques are what I use myself along with our clients to still see measurable progress.

Count Calories

christmas calories

We all know hitting your target daily intake in protein, carbs and fats is important and will help you see better results than just tracking your calories.

But weight loss comes down to energy balance and in it’s most simplest form, calories are king.

Calories will determine whether you gain weight or lose weight so if you just wanted to count your calories for a day and not worry too much about your P/C/F then you can certainly do that.

One day isn’t going to do any harm.

If you’re a woman on 1750 calories a day, made up of 140g Protein, 200g carbs and 43g fats just focusing on 1750 calories will be fine in the grand scheme of things and really won’t do much damage to your progress. Even if that means you’re chowing down mince pies and Christmas cake

Balance It Out

christmas spirit

With Christmas comes drinks, and drinks generally means more food too. However, you can balance this out, quite simply by choosing one or the other.

Like having a few drinks with your meals? Then be a bit more conservative with your food. Likewise, if you’d like to indulge a little more with your food, then perhaps stick to more soda and limes.

One thing to note, food is far more satisfying and will keep you fuller for longer, so choosing food over drinks is probably your safest bet.

Go heavy

With an increase in food and probably more carbs comes the bonus of perhaps a bit more fuel for your workouts. Why not put this to good use?

Go heavier on the squats / big compound lifts if you can so those extra calories can be used in a more beneficial way than just adding to your waist line in the form of fuel for your workouts. The extra calories may also improve your recovery after such heavy workouts. You could also do a few more bits in the workouts or squeeze in extra sessions to further offset the calorie increase?

Focus On The Week

Rather than focus on the instant, have a look at sticking to your weekly macros. That means add up all the protein, carbs and fats you have in a day. Grams of protein per day x 7, Grams of fats per day x 7, Grams of carbs per day x 7 and try to stick to them over the course of the week. You’ll go through days where you may get through a lot of grams and other days you might go through a minimal amount. Sticking to your weekly target will keep your progress steady.

Swap It Around

chocolate christmas

You can give yourself a bit more room on Christmas day by chopping some calories off other days. This is best from carbs and fats and can be done by reducing your daily intake of the 2 macronutrients by 10-30%.

This will in turn lower your daily caloric intake and therefore make Christmas day a little more enjoyable as you get to eat a little more than normal.

For instance, if you’re daily intake of carbs is around 200g, reducing it by 20-60g per day for 3-4 days leading up to Christmas will help when those big servings come out.

Add in Workouts

christmas workout

Let’s not go crazy here. And working out shouldn’t be associated as a form of punishment but if your calories will be a little higher than normal, then adding in a hiit session here and there will only help burn a few hundred of those calories off.

It’ll help close the gap of the calorie surplus you’ve had and dependant on what you’ve eaten in the day you may just drop back to a maintenance level.

As Max has said on numerous occasions, earn your meal. Go for a long walk, complete a home workout or hit the gym before the food comes. That way your workout doesn’t become your punishment.

Try these workouts out…

20 Min AMRAP HIIT Workout

20 Min Full Body Cardio HIIT Workout


15 minute Core & Cardio HIIT Workout



There’s some simple tips you can apply from today that will keep you on the straight and narrow over Christmas this year.

Have an awesome time with the fmaily and loved ones

Much love xx

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