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New Year New You right? Here’s why that will never work…

New Years Is Here And You Now Have A Million And One Ideas On How You’re Going To Get In The Best Shape Ever…Except, This Happens Every Year And You Never Fulfil Them.

One thing


New Years has come and gone.


Super quick I might add and with that leaves us wanting to change everything.


You’re thinking of going to workout 4 x a week when you haven’t been once in the last few months.


You want to drink 3l of water a day when you can’t make 1l at the moment.


Or perhaps you want to go from sleeping 5 hours a night to 8 or 9.


Whilst on paper these look great… If you’ve never done it before then don’t set yourself up for failure.


Start with one, minor habit you want to change.


Make it reasonable.


Say you want to drop a stone and to do that you were going to


– restrict all junk food
workout 3 x week
– walk 10,000 steps a day
– stay away from alcohol


Yes this is great but like I’ve said above.


Changing too much is too much.


Keep it simple.


I get it, New Years brings fresh hope. Dreams of a fresh start and a new body but let’s take a step back. You’ve said this the last few New Years and you’re in the same position as always.


How about your first goal is just having a balanced meal in the evening after your workout?


Focus on that, when you workout.


Chicken with sweet potato and veg (or something similar).


Salmon and rice stir fry.


With any recipe you like.


Once you’ve mastered that, then you can move on.


Get brilliant at one habit.


Feel good knowing you’ve mastered one rather than none.


Otherwise, you’ll look back in 6 weeks and realise you haven’t actually changed much because it’s all been too much.


>> Feeling of overwhelm right there <<


So what’s your 1 thing?


What one thing you going to master over the next few weeks that


A) is super simple and idiot proof
B) takes you towards your main goal


Do that, and over the next 12 months you will make some major changes, and more than you ever have done.


The by-product of those habits?


A new body and outlook on life 😉

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