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New Workouts Kicking Off In June

Summer is just around the corner, and so is our new studio.


And with that in mind, we’re slightly changing our workouts.


Long gone is the busy, sometime’s complicated workouts and instead we’re replacing them with ready-to-go, sharp and intense functional workouts designed to work your whole body – and more.


Whilst we love a good #300workout or a 15 exercise workout, they’re just not conducive to your goals and mind after a busy day.

So we’re making things easier, simplifying the style of the workouts so we can ensure the core qualities that grew uFIt in the first place.


  • Coaching
  • Intensity
  • Cues
  • Structure




An often over complicated, 20 exercise workout often leads us the coach without the ability to effectively coach each and every one of you to our high standards, so, with that, we’re making sure the workouts going forward ensure you get coached individually – feel the effects of the exercise and make sure you know what you’re doing and how you’re supposed to be doing it.




It’s not all about ramping up as many calories as possible in a workout. Sure, burning 900 feels good but if you felt a little lost doing those 900 calories then A) you won’t enjoy it and B) be able to fully progress how we want you to. The intensity relates to that specific exercise itself, making sure each rep is better than the last and of incredible quality. We don’t want injuries – we just want perfect form. And once you get that form? You’ll feel the level of your workout increase a couple of notches.


We’ll also make sure those little rest periods don’t last longer than they’re supposed to. Rest is important – but we want you here to work, progress your fitness and above all, have fun.




We all want to know what we’re doing, right? There’s nothing like staring at the whiteboard and seeing a ‘TRX Atomic Press Up’ and thinking WTF?!


That’s why we’re developing our workouts to make sure you work out more, spend less time listening to us and feel each muscle as you’re supposed to.


We’ll get better at giving you the right cues to do the exercises and you’ll get better with each workout – the way you’re supposed to.




Whilst having the whole floor to ourselves and overloading it with a maze of equipment looks fun and interesting it takes just a little too long to set up, so expect a different layout that is:


  1. Easier to understand
  2. Flows better
  3. Makes for a far greater workout experience


These changes come into effect on the 3rd June 2019 so make sure you’re booked in via our online booking system.

Until then,


Stay fit and keep up the hard work

~ Sam

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