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Morning Fat Loss Fuel

There’s a lot of talk about what to eat when you wake up and it can all be misleading.

Personally dealing with fat loss clients myself I make sure they have a high protein and fat meal to start the day right & allow their hormones to balance out evenly. And To be fair, some of my clients don’t eat until 12 either, but that’s another post!

I would suggest however if you need to eat in the morning and you’re looking to drop some fat then avoid the carbs.

Carbs will only spike your insulin levels (sugar levels) and crash your growth hormone (the muscle building / fat burning hormone). Obviously this is a no no if you’re looking to get rid of that spare tyre around your waist.

Try scrambled eggs in the morning with peppers, onion, spinach, or maybe a Spanish omelette.

Cook it in coconut oil, awesome for fats & like I’ve said before reacts like a carb in your body but without the insulin spike.

I also get my clients to take the Supergreens too, around two hours after they’ve woken up. This is the kinda time where your growth hormone drops naturally.

And in the worst case scenarios if you need carbs wait those two hours after you wake up to get them in!

So I’d go ahead and check them two supplements out, they work well together for your first meal.

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Sam Beagle
Body Transformation Expert

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