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Monday (Week 1-4)

Monday – Ready to work hard?

This chest and back workout is designed to get you building lean muscle, without ‘bulking’ up, so you can stop panicking now.

The first exercise is designed to build strength, this will allow you to lift heavier weights, which in turn will see you progress quicker, and you can show off to your friends. Pick a weight that you find challenging, you should be able to complete the 5 repetitions with good technique, but 6 reps should be a struggle. Give yourself plenty of rest in between the 5 sets as it will be tough (no more than 2 mins)

Exercises 2A and 2B are to be performed back to back with no rest in between. After you have completed all the repetitions then give yourself a rest (you’ve earned it) but only 1 minute. Then repeat until all the sets are completed

Exercises 3A and 3B are to be done in the same format as the last, however, this time there are more repetitions to do, so pick a weight that will feel comfortable to begin with but you will struggle towards the end of the prescribed reps. Concentrate on keeping technique and focus on the muscles you are using, it should ache by the end.

When you see the last exercise on its own, you will probably be thinking ‘thank goodness I don’t have to do 2 more back to back!’ and you are partly right. However, this exercise is designed to really finish off the workout and leave you thinking ‘What happened in there?’ High repetitions means get ready for the burn, as before, pick a weight you can do for the first 15 reps, but beyond that, it will be tough.

Chest & Back            Wk 1                Wk 2                  Wk 3           Wk 4

1) DB Bench Press      5 x 5                5 x 5                    5 x 5                    5 x 5

2A) DB Incline Press 4 x 8                4 x 10                 4 x 10                  4 x 12

2B) HS Row                4 x 8                4 x 10                 4 x 10                  4 x 12

3A) Dips                      3 x 12              3 x 12                 3 x 12                   3 x 15

3B) Pull Ups                3 x 12             3 x 12                  3 x 12                  3 x 15

4) DB Flyes                 2 x 20             2 x 20                  2 x 20                 2 x 20

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