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Welcome to our Free 30 Day Fat Loss Beginners Program where we’ll take you through your new, fat burning, muscle building gym plans.

When Max and I sat down to create these plans we wanted you to get the best results possible from them.

We wanted to give you workouts that would not only challenge you but also deliver killer results. And for that reason, we don’t need to complicate it.

Sometimes the best plans are the most simple.

But who are we?

We’re just two (three if you count Stephen on the far right) pretty easy going, happy-go-lucky kinda guys. We love working out and seeing the positive effects it has on other people.

We’ve always been into sports in some kind of way and enjoy progressing ourselves each and every day.

I (Sam, on the left), created uFit along time ago, with the sole mission of helping people, burn fat, build strength and increase their confidence.

Somewhere along the way Max (in the middle, qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach) came along and shared the same mission.

The rest, as they say, is history. And now we spend most of our days either hitting the gym or creating random videos on Youtube sharing our knowledge in a fun and easy to listen to way as well as progressing people along on their quest to be lean.

Here are some of our clients who we’ve helped along the way, using the same techniques we’re going to share in this book.



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