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5 Ways To Revive Your Motivation, Get Back In The Gym and Achieve Incredible Results

In the gym for a few weeks, maybe even a month or two. But the motivation doesn’t last long and the results don’t even get off the ground.

Motivation isn’t always easy!

We’ve all been there and to be honest, with the new year just around the corner, we will all go through the same motions as we did 365 days ago.

Setting targets, new eating regime, giving up drinking…the list goes on.

All for it to come crashing down, when you realise that your not actually enjoying it and you don’t have a clue what you’re doing.

Sound familiar?

You lose the desire and purpose to bother working out, and slowly but surely, each and every year I see my friends, family and other general gym goers slowly drift away from the gym.

The January influx of people who descended on gyms all around the country have now all but disappeared. The ones who manage to make it to February, most will leave due to reasons that are all too common.

In the next few paragraphs, I am going to share some of the reasons we stop training and the best ways to combat against them.

Giving you some new found, permanent motivation to go and grab the gym by the horns and get the results you crave!

1. Boredom

So you started off with a training plan, maybe given to you by a ‘gym instructor’ or maybe you went scouring the internet for your favourite celebrity workout, that got them ‘Beach Ready’ in just a few short weeks.

Wherever the plan was from or whatever it includes doesn’t really matter, as most of the time, if you do anything over and over again for too long, it will become boring, especially if your not progressing at it. Sometimes it isn’t the exercises at all, its the fact that they aren’t doing what they were meant to, which is getting you in the best shape of your life.

The point I am making, is that you need to find a balance. If the plan fits your life, the exercises are suitable for your goals and the programme is actually getting you results…then that is when you will enjoy working out.

Let’s be honest, you’re not doing it because you love the way the weights feel in your hands or press down into your back etc. Nor do you do it because you love the pain of not being able to move the next day.

You do it for the rewarding feeling of achieving, whether thats hitting a personal best or noticing muscles showing through that you didn’t even know you had. You do it for the love of progression, thats where the excitement is.

2. Not Seeing Results

I eluded to it in the first point about boredom. But not seeing results is a huge reason that people leave the gym.

You may as well stay at home and not get results, rather than drag yourself to the gym to not get them.

There is nothing more soul destroying than not achieving what you want to achieve. You put blood sweat and tears into training for a goal, only to look back a few months down the line and see that all your time was wasted and it’s back to square one again.

The key to combating this is progression, you need to see progress, doesn’t have to be massive, but it needs to be there. That is what will motivate you to keep going, why else would you do it.

Progression needs to be noted down. Track your workouts, exercises, the weights you are lifting and your rest times.

Still staring blankly at scales that aren’t moving? Try taking pictures. Your body shape may be changing but your weight may not. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up far less space.

Brutal athletic woman pumping up muscles with dumbbells. Brunette sexy fitness girl in pink sport wear with perfect body in the gym posing before training set. Attractive fitness woman

All this tracking is for you, nobody else. You don’t need to feel pressured to show everyone your progress pictures. You can if you want, but they’re there so you can look back and see the difference in your body.

If you’re physically not changing shape or not lifting heavier or not feeling any benefits of training, then maybe what you are doing doesn’t suit you and isn’t right for your body.

Its time for a change and well worth asking for help.

3. Not Knowing What To Do

Its the first day of a new year. You’re fully kitted out in your new gym clothes, you’ve created your motivational playlist and you arrive at the gym more motivated than ever before. But you realise that you have no idea where to start.

Most people at this point, head straight to a piece of cardio equipment, the treadmills and cross trainers beckon. You might hop on a rower or bike to add a bit of variety. Its what everyone else is doing, so that has to be the way forward?

First of all let me say that I admire the fact that you have made it this far, that motivation will be needed down the line. Especially when you have used every bit of equipment available and your fast running out of ideas, that motivation will be tested.

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So after exhausting all options, you are now bored, you may have an small injury caused by the repetitive nature of running on a not so forgiving surface or poor machine set up and very probably not seen much in the way of results from any of it.

What next? You’ve run out of options, you don’t know what to do next and you haven’t achieved the body you want… Unfortunately it tends to lead back to the comfort of home, never to resurface until the same time next year, where it will repeat all over again.

4. Not Having A Reason For Doing It In The First Place

Your resolution of ‘getting in better shape’ won’t cut it. It’s too generic, everyone wants the same, what makes you any different?


If you’re thinking about heading to the gym, then you need a proper reason. It wants to be personal to you, it needs to be able to drive you through the bad days, the days where you’ve had a stressful day at work, your kids are acting up and all you want to do it sit down in front of the television with a glass of wine and pizza. Think beyond the surface, why will your new body help you, will it make you more confident, be able to play with your children. It should drag you out of bed or off the sofa and to the gym. It needs to be bigger than your excuses.

Anyone can train when their motivated, but very few can achieve what they set out to! That takes something more than ‘being in better shape’, thats what will give you the motivation and the willingness to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

5. No Time

The most overused excuse, that unfortunately I and other Personal Trainers and Coaches hear way too much. ‘I’m too busy to get to the gym’.

Its up there in the frustrating realms of ‘my dog ate my homework’ excuses. If you find yourself even thinking about using it the next time you’re heading to the gym then let me refer to a line I read a few days ago. If you are too busy for the gym, are you too busy to be able to keep up with your kids? Are you too busy to stop feeling upset about the way you look and feel? Are you too busy to go on holiday and feel great on the beach?

Going to the gym shouldn’t be seen as just another thing on your daily list. Look at it as self improvement, the quicker you start to see the gym as something other than a chore and somewhere that will improve so many areas of your life, then the more you will get out of it.

motivation to increase time

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