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If you have a New Years Resolution…

If you have made a New Year Resolution…

Be Specific, not just I want to lose weight (fat), how much do you want to lose? What body fat percentage do you want? How do you want to look?…

Give yourself a timeframe, maybe add small goals along the way…

Then actually put your mind to it, don’t let this year be the year you let yourself down!

Put in the effort, being outside of your comfort zone isn’t easy, you may fail a few times before you succeed, but by just giving up you get nowhere!

Be different to all those people, who at some point down the line will realise the hard work it takes and give up.

Don’t go for fad diets, let others fall into that trap again and again! Eat Clean, Train Hard and believe in yourself, you will get there!

We at uFit are always here to help you achieve, ask us questions…

At the end of the day it comes down to how much you want it???

I want everyone to let their goals be known, the more people you tell, the harder it is to fail…

We are a family (a slightly weird one) and we will succeed as a family!!!

Happy New Year and Let’s Smash 2016!!!

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