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I got thrown a complete ‘curve ball’

Wow. What a day. 
I’ve come to realise I’ve learnt more about myself in the last few months than I had done previously in my entire life. 

There comes a point in life where you step back and you go through all the processes and actions you’ve taken in your life. 
Some are good, some are bad and some you simply want to forget about. 

You have to understand the way you acted back then has got you to where you are today.

Embrace that. 

For me, I wouldn’t change a thing. Every experience I’ve had, good or bad, has led me to be able to present my story and inspire over two hundred people.
And whilst I practised and practised (and practised) my presentation, two minutes in I was thrown a complete curve ball. 

Like I said in the speech I took, imagine your worst nightmare with your business whilst you’re on holiday. Imagine you not being able to do a single thing about it. (Or for instance your home if you don’t have a business, you return off holiday to find a burst water pipe). 

Well that nightmare happened in the speech.

So after two minutes in I flick to the second slide and realise…

This isn’t my speech, this isn’t my story that I wanted to share and inspire all the participants with.

I asked to change my speech, I’d never practised this one!!


Like literally never practised it. It was a draft from over a week ago.

The finished one, smashed it out 60 times. 
I knew. every. single. word.
So when I realised they’d uploaded the wrong speech what was I to do? Would I freeze? Would I crawl into my shell of bury my head under the ground and give up? Would I just give up and accept defeat? 

I mean, that’s a pretty valid reason. Public speaking is my worst nightmare. And not only am I on stage, facing my worse nightmare, but I’m now facing my second!! With a presentation I’ve never rehearsed. 
I got on with it, transitioned it over quite well (so people said! Haha) and generally didn’t make a big fuss. 

Can you guess what the strangest part of the whole experience was?


Like I mean really loved it. It was something that was close to my heart and I could be passionate about. It meant a lot. 
So even though I got thrown a curve ball and pretty much had to sink or swim I managed to sort myself out, duck the curve ball and carry on.

I’ve had some tough times recently, we’ve had two floods in the studio, been through very rough relationships with my parents which hurt me quite a lot emotionally and a ton of other crap I could complain and moan about.

Each time I’ve dusted myself off and carried on, just like all of you have. 
But you gotta look at it from a learning experience. Ok, it was a complete mess up that should never have happened BUT I learnt and gained a lot from it.

There’s not many who can stand on stage and wing it infront of a few hundred people. I’m guessing!

But out of this, I just hope. Even if it’s just one person. I hope I inspire you to make a change and when a curve ball comes you dodge it and feel how good it is to do so!!!

It’s a freaking awesome experience, to know you can handle a difficult situation and still make it work.

Live for that moment, embrace it, learn from it and move on.

You’ll thank yourself for doing so in a few years time because that decision to not back down could potentially turn your life around!!

Sam Beagle

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