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How often shall you weigh yourself?

This is a question we get asked a LOT!


And by a lot I mean multiple times a day.


So how often shall you weigh yourself? Everyday? Weekly? Once a month?


First off, it’s dependant on your goals and your progress.


If you’re looking to drop 3 stone plus, then once a month or every other week is fine.


There’s no need to jump on the scales every day because you’ll be losing weight anyway. (If you’re following the correct plan of course!).


Instead, checking every other week is more than acceptable, your weight loss will be larger and you’ll feel more pride in seeing that larger number.


When you’ve got a little more weight to lose than most your weight loss should be easier, you’ll see more considerable changes so enjoy seeing the changes in the mirror just as much as the scale weight.


But, if you’re quite lean as it is and you’re looking to drop just a few lbs or a few percent bodyweight then perhaps once a week is acceptable.


You’ll need to check your progress more often as there’s less leeway. There’s less room to mess up.


You’ll probably want to check your body fat too with that, just to make sure you’re losing the right weight too.


Here’s a simple guide to follow:


Over 20lbs to lose – Measure monthly

10-20lbs to lose – Measure every other week

Under 10lbs to lose – Measure weekly


I wouldn’t advise measuring yourself daily for a number of reasons.


Mainly because it’ll drive you INSANE! LOL. There are too many variables, you could have pigged out a little, perhaps worked out in the morning or evening, just had a meal or be dehydrated. And like I said, you’ll get obsessed with it and ultimately demotivated by the slow lack of progress.


Stick to the above rules and you won’t go far wrong.



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