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Holiday Survival Guide – Avoid the Dreaded Weight Gain

Always End Up A Few Lbs Heavier After The Holidays And Feel Like You’ve Taken 2 Steps Back? Then Read This Article To Never Let That Happen Again…

The holidays are almost upon us, which means a few pairs of socks and some PJs from our grandparents.

It also means for most of we gain an extra 3-9lbs of unwanted fat.

Quite sad ain’t it?

Have to admit, from the holidays onwards I just seem to absorb food from everywhere and my macros, well, they go out the window.

We want to relax right? Spend time with our loved ones and enjoy the food on offer, guilt free.

Follow these tips to keep your weight gain to a minimum, or even better, maintain it so you can come out in the New Years in a better position than when you entered it (not just with all the new gifts you have).


Workout before that big feast

I don’t like using workouts as a punishment and please don’t consider this to be but…If you know you’re going to be pigging out a lot later on, maybe a few glasses of Bucks Fizz (it’s what you drink right?), some good desserts and a whole lot of food then get to the gym beforehand. By going to the gym you’ll be burning a few more calories than you otherwise would have. Hitting a full body circuit up or going heavy will create a big afterburn effect and leave you burning calories for up to 72 hours afterwards.

By going to the gym you’ll be burning a few more calories than you otherwise would have. Hitting a full body circuit up or going heavy will create a big afterburn effect and leave you burning calories for up to 72 hours afterwards.

Most gyms are open every day except New Years and Christmas Day during the holidays so rest assured you’ll have somewhere to train.

If you don’t then check these workouts out for a quick, at home bodyweight workout that you can complete in less time than it takes to finish your Bucks Fizz.




Mix it up a bit. If you’re looking for more inspiration why not head over to here where we have amassed over 100 different bodyweight workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere with no equipment –> Inner Circle

Put the foods away


Ok, this requires a little work but get the chocolates and after eights out at certain times (and put them away too).

Leaving them on the table just leads to you finishing the box.

Well, it does for me anyways!

So, when you get them, make sure someone else puts them away where you don’t know where they are.

Or better yet, don’t hog them. Share them! That way they’ll go a lot quicker and it means you have less to yourself…

Not sure if that’s a win or a loss?


Drink Plenty (of water!)

When I say drink more, I’m not necessarily talking about alcohol here.

When you wake up in the morning, pour yourself some of the good stuff (water) because your body needs it. Every process your body goes through involves water and being dehydrated only leads to further problems down the line.

Make sure you drink, which surprisingly keeps your body quite full and you’ll realise yourself reaching for the beer / food less.


Have a lighter morning

christmas food


If you know the afternoon feast is going to be a big one then slow a down a bit in the morning.

Have a lighter breakfast which saves you a few hundred calories for later on.

Doing so, will keep your calories in check and allow you to enjoy yourself a little more guilt free later on.


Hit your calories

Don’t worry too much about carbs or fats.

Just hit your daily calorie requirements and as for the macros, just take a step back on them.

Few extra potatoes, that’s cool. Or maybe pigs in blankets?

Or maybe pigs in blankets?

It’s all good.

Don’t stress too much on them. Work on calories and you’ll be A-OK.


Get out and enjoy the Christmas spirit

christmas spirit

I’m not talking about heading to the pub…

I’m talking about going for a walk, enjoying the fresh air and the surroundings with your family.

Have a local woodland near you? Go and explore it and walk some of the food off.

Getting in some activity over the next few days will help in small way. Getting to 10,000 steps will help offset a few extra calories that may or may not be used eating Mince pies.

That part is up to you…

But there a few small tips that could reap massive rewards come the next time you step on the scale in 2017…

Even if you’ve read all of that and still want to be safe, knowing that you have your post-Christmas weight gain under control our new boot camp workouts may work wonders in trimming that expanded waist line…

Launching on Jan 9th, 2017 you’ll get to work out in a non-judgemental environment where you know you’ll be blasting through the unwanted pounds in no time.

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Let us know if you have any other ideas?

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