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The Hardest Lessons In Life Aren’t Actually That Hard

If You’re Going Through A Tough Time Right Now, This Article Will Help Show You That The Hardest Lessons Are Actually The Best Ones, You Are Stronger Than You Think And In Reality? It Really Isn’t That Big Of A Problem.

There’s a few things I don’t talk about

Mainly because a) they’re difficult to mention and b) I worry that my parents will still believe I think about them

Which I don’t. At least not in the last 5 or so years.

In fact, I used to be resentful and hold this close to my heart. I used these experiences to define who I was as a person.

But, that’s changed and it serves as a powerful lesson to any of you that are going though hard times.

Like, we all have hard times, right?

What’s the hardest lessons you’ve faced?

And at this moment in time what you may be going through is a big red flag on your life timeline but in fact, when you look back it’ll probably consume less than 1% of your life.

Whenever I meet new clients or chat to current ones there seems to be one recurrent theme

I’m an inspiration


I don’t believe I am, I simply believe I’m just me, living my own life, writing my own books and accumulating life lessons that hopefully will come in handy one day

A few have already to be fair, and I hope this one is valuable to you, also.

In fact, three people have written me down on their list of their biggest inspirations this week alone.

Which is humbling to say the least

Coming back on track…

There’s a time when I simply ‘didn’t exist’

There’s a time where no one would take notice of me

Friends were hard to come by and laughs were few and far between

Maybe it’s because I kept myself to myself.

I had an upbringing few would ever understand.

I literally had no time to myself.

I was always training here, studying there or learning here.

I’d get up early in my GCSE years to submit coursework. I’d get extensions to exams and I’d submit work weeks late


Because I used to play sports 7 days a week.

Which sounds fun (and it was – but it was highly stressful)

Every Thursday, from Year 9 onwards was also a footie day for me. I’d take it off school, and go train with the reserves, youth team to impress even more.

My mum would wait in the car the whole day (amazing woman) watching me.

The school were ok with it as long as I kept my grades up to scratch.

Few teachers hated it to be honest, and so did my ‘friends’. More on that in another post…

I was playing for Southampton FC at the point and I’d be training 4 evenings a week as well.

Sam Beagle goalkeeper hardest lessons

That’s basically get in the car after school and do my studying on the way down to the south coast

I’d then change in it to footie gear, train for 2.5 hours then drive back muddy as anything, finishing off my studying / coursework before getting in after 11am, hitting the sack and going again at 6am.

For some of you right now?

They’re probably your work hours and I’m not taking anything away from that

But when you have the pressures of securing a contract to play professional football as well as getting good enough grades for your GCSE’s then life was pretty hard to balance at 15

And the reason why it was so important was because I had one chance

I was never going to college or uni

I was just going to play footie

But I had standards and a reputation to live up to

Friends fell by the way side

Family took a back seat

In that moment, at 15 years old

I thought it was the most demanding life would ever get

I couldn’t imagine ever working as hard as that.

Ever again.

In fact, I broke my ankle and my fingers at different times that year ( I couldn’t write in some of my exams)

Which meant more rehab, more physical work to get myself back in shape to secure that contract or pass my grades

I thought that year, 2005, was going to be my most defining moment in my life

Contract or no contract?

Where would I go from there?

If I was injured how could I get a contract to play footie full time.

How could I carry on my passion?

As always I just worked harder and harder. Demanded more and more of myself until finally I secured one.

And the year after?

I found to be one of the toughest years I’ve ever had to face. LOL. Much more demanding then I EVER thought possible.

It’s one I thought I might not make it through to be fair

My skin got worse, my confidence was at an all time low and I shut off from everyone.

I literally was a 1/10000 of who I am right now.

But the point I’m trying to make is…

No matter how bad life feels, how much it demands off you.

No matter how hard you get kicked, you can always get back up.

You can always face worse. Because you my friend are incredibly brave and strong inside

And you too have life experience you need to draw on in moments of hardship.

So if that’s you right now?

Know you will get through it. Know that you will learn from it and draw from this strength in the future.

And these are some of the conversations I’m having with some of my clients right now.

Not everyday is going to be easy. When the going gets tough and it seems like a life defining moment?

I think back to those days, just like you should think back to yours and you’ll realise the problem you’re facing?

It’s not actually that big and the only reason you’re facing them is because you’re progressing in life..

And if you didn’t have them?

You wouldn’t be the person you are today.

~ Sam

Sam Beagle Smiling hardest lessons

Listen. I mean the above and take what you have to say very seriously. If you need to reach out and let things out. I’m all ears.

PS. If you’ve read this far, thanks so much.

I’ll make it more obvious next time but I have 2 spaces for PT right now.

I’ve come to the end for some of my clients but hove truly transformed and they can spread their wings and take it from here ?

If you need help, in depth help on your diet, lifestyle and exercise in order to transform your life.

Reply back and let’s catch up next week.

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