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Going it Alone

You know, when you start out on a fitness quest you seem to enter a world full of juiced up, protein guzzling’ men hitting steroids every other set.


Gimme More Protein...!
Gimme More Protein…!

At least, that’s some peoples perception of it.

It’s daunting for a woman to get uncomfortable in a gym, to be honest, you’re probably not that confident in your own surroundings let alone the gym.

Friends and companions think you’re going in for either one of two reasons

  1. You want to get really big and add ‘size’


2. You want to get really skinny.

There’s no middle parameter.

In your head you’re just thinking you want to feel a little bit healthier and hopefully, at some point, fit into your old dress / jeans that have been gathering dust for years.


Almost there...
Almost there…

Unfortunately, everyone else doesn’t see it that way so you go it alone.

You go online and research women’s health or watch that Personal Trainer in the gym with their client.

She looks in half decent shape so you copy her.

And finally you hit up some cardio, because you know, that’s what you do when you need to lose weight, right?

Checking her gains out, clearly.
Checking her gains out, clearly.

Results are coming, *awesome*, so you kind of stay at it and at that point, your results seem to stop.

And the sad thing is, you’ve tried everything the ‘health gurus and magazines have recommended.

Carbs have dropped

Fats are almost non existent

Your calories are crazy low

And you’re hitting it hard in the gym

So now the problem is, who do you turn to?

There’s a number of things you can do here, other than scour the internet day and night in search of the ‘hidden secret’.

Truth is, and you know it, there is no secret.

Having said that, when talking to many clients there are a number of ways you can quickly come out of the plateau and keep making progress.

  • Re measure your calories.

Using the Katch-McArdle formula you can work out your maintenance calories again. Once you’ve done that, you can rework your deficit to less or EVEN MORE than what you’re having to kickstart your weight loss again.


  • Increase your carbs and De-load (Rest up)

Sometimes your body get’s run down, check your strength and sleeping patterns. Is it the same or better than normal? If not, maybe it’s time your body needs a rest. Go lighter on the volume and sit your carbs a little higher than normal. Perhaps you can have some Tulsi Tea before bed overnight. Your body will recover and you’ll find yourself in a better place mentally. Your energy will rise again, you’ll feel better throughout the day and your strength will probably return to normal too. Do this for a week and see how you get on.


  • Switch off Social Media

Social Media is a scary place. We follow everyone who pretty much has a body we’re envious of on Instagram and it’s getting a little out of hand. Unfollow a few people, sign out of facebook for a while and just get back to center. Forget the noise around you and the distractions these channels bring. You’ll feel much better within yourself for it.


  • Tweak your training.

Loving the cardio? Maybe give it a break and focus on some heavy lifting. Get involved in Deadlifts, Presses and squats to build muscle and in turn, raise your metabolism. Not only are they great for raising your metabolism but they also help sculpt your muscles and give you that nice, defined look. (Providing you’ve done Point #1).

If you’re loving the weights, maybe change your routine a little, add some variables in there like Sumo Deadlifts instead of deadlifts to give your body a break from the 10 week old gym program you’ve been abusing since you’ve been going.


  • It’s time to get specific

If you’ve got to the point of being lean, well lean as you can be without really tracking your food, there’s probably only one way you can go from here. You need to start tracking. Winging it based off portion sizes and enjoying the glass of wine in the evening may not cut it anymore. Track your food, work out your macros and create a plan based off that, one that’s a lot more specific than you’ve been doing. Give yourself that initial 20% deficit in your caloric intake and work off that.

And lastly…

  • Hire an online coach

When you’re stuck in a rut, the last thing you want to be doing is staying there. Hiring an online coach takes the guess work away, it’ll educate yourself and set you on the straight and narrow. You’ll be able to see results quicker and you’ll always have a mentor you can fall back on, if you have any questions. Working with us, is of course, the example I’ll use here…



If you’d like to apply to work with us, just hit this link and fill in your details…

You see, there’s a ton of stuff you CAN do, but it all comes down to measuring where you are and tweaking small things at a time.

If you’re not constantly measuring where you are and adjusting small things, you’ll never quite understand what’s working and what isn’t and that leaves you in a dangerous position of flicking from one thing to the next as you get distracted on the ‘shiny objects’.

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