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Why can’t I give up sweets?

I mean, I know they’re bad for me.

But they just taste so GOD DAMN good!!

I’m on about 5 a day right now.

Started at 2.


Getting real. Maybe I have a problem? Do I have a problem?

One question I keep asking myself lately is why do I keep doing it? Even though I know it’s not good for me?

Why don’t we follow through on what we set out to do?

Been trying to figure this out recently, trying to curb my cravings for those little cola bottles

Every night before bed I ALWAYS say.




“No more tomorrow. They don’t fit your macros so get rid!”


Wish the next day was that easy…

I end up cuddling them about 3 or 4pm hoping they become bottomless.

I could talk about certain hormone deficiencies, lack of sleep etc etc but I’m not going to do that.

I’m going to talk about what’s inside my head.

What’s inside all of our heads.

Thing is. We’ve been procrastinating for centuries. We’ve all done it.

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Herman Melville, author of the quite famous Moby Dick (heard of it??) used to procrastinate so much he had his wife chain him to his desk so he’d finish the novel.

Extreme. Yes.

Worked though.

Leonardo Da Vinci.

The guy who painted Mona Lisa.


Took him 16 years to finish. WTF. Good yes, but 16 years!

He only finished The Last Supper apparently after his patron threatened to cut off his funds.

You get the idea though.

We’ve all procrastinated. Even some of the most brilliant minds.

So why do we make plans then not follow through with them then?

In fitness terms (because this is a fitness blog) when you decide to lose weight or you’ll go to the gym 3x next week you’re actually making plans for your ‘future self’.

You’re planning and envisioning what your life will *be* like in the future.

And naturally, when you think about this you see value in taking the action for the long game.

You get that buzz right? That excitement that you’re ready to crush the week / 10lbs.


When the time comes and you have to action on what you said you were going to do you’re now no longer thinking about the ‘future self’. Your choice comes from your ‘present self’.

And that’s where we go wrong.

Our brain values immediate rewards more highly than long term gains.

Research shows that the present self REALLY LIKES THOSE SWEETS and forgets about the long term pay off of not having them.

Which in this case would lead to hitting my macros, achieving a lower body fat percentage and healthier teeth for sure!!

Think about it.

In the morning you’re super motivated. You have your kit ready to go, by the door so you can get to the gym after work.

It hits 5pm you’re tired, groggy and annoyed. All your present self wants to do is chill.

We value going to the gym in the future but when it comes to the present moment we flop, tuck into comfy clothes, warm cuppa in hand and the TV.

“Present self” = happy

If we understand and are able to ward of those instant gratification awards then the chances are, we’ll be more successful in life.


So what tips do I have to beat the cravings? Smash your weight loss goals and fit through Akrasia?

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  1. Make it as easy as possible to start.

How often have we dreaded something and then said

‘It’s not as bad as I thought it would be?’

Perhaps our group clients say that a lot…

The work isn’t hard, it’s starting the work.

Working out isn’t hard, it’s putting your gym gear on that is.

So, make it über easy to start.

Put your gym clothes in your car.

Only buy fresh food

Focus on showing up and then worry about the next step when you’ve shown up consistently every day.

  1. State your goals

Easy task that you can repeat over and over again.

I will weigh 9 stone on the 6th May 2017.

I will go to bootcamp on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Slough at 6:15pm.

I will workout 45 minutes on Friday at home at 6:15pm.

I will go to the gym at 6am on Tuesday at Buzz.

You get the idea?

Studies show that if you have the intention and actively make a note of it, your chances of success dramatically increases.

I use my iPhone calendar to write down everything I need to get done and I simply do it.

Because it’s there.

  1. Make a commitment.

Much like Herman Melville being chained to his desk. He had no other option.

It made it easier to write it then not.

I’m a suckler for wasting time on apps on my ‘non scheduled time slots’. Easy fix is to delete those apps.

I love my sweets.

It’s easy for me to ask someone to hide them from me.

If you watch TV late, set a lock on it for a certain time or put the TV somewhere awkward you don’t normally sit at.

That way you’re less inclined to watch it.

Buy a large pack of doughnuts or a big bag of Dorrittos?

Buy a small bag or just 1 doughnut.


Basically, you’re defining your future actions and your behaviour is almost automated.

No willpower needed.

We know that can fail when we need it the most right?

It doesn’t have to be as extreme as some of the examples.

But using the three ideas above will massively help you IF you have a goal that’s serious to you.

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