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Getting lean messes with your head

If you fear going out with friends because of the reaction you get for wanting to eat healthier then you should read this

“Are you still on that stupid diet?”

Question I get around 5-6 x a day.

Shit, it’s tough. Staying in control. Most of the time I just want a mute button.

Turn people off when they start talking about it.

For some reason people don’t understand the thought of wanting to change.

How often have you wanted to change the chips for extra veg but have stopped short of asking because of the reaction you’ll get from your peers?

Or you’ve ordered a non alcoholic drink to only be greeted with a wine / beer from the person that’s ordered them?

Only last night I was getting picked up to be greeted with

“Are you still on that stupid diet?”

Welcome to the world of wanting to be leaner.

There’s so many people who desperately want to make a change but can’t, they’re stuck in limbo because of the environment they find themselves in.

So, if like me, you’re on a ‘stupid diet’ or want to be one then how do you deal with this constant bombardment of negative interaction?

And let’s be clear, the diet I’m talking about isn’t stupid, or silly, or really that radical.

It’s just staying in control of your foods, understanding energy balance and knowing what you’re eating 95% of the time.

  • Less processed foods
  • Less crap
  • More vegetables
  • More protein
  • Adequate amount of carbs and fats
  • Fresh, wholesome foods

I guess the stupid part is seen because I ask the waiter for

  • Water instead of beer
  • Double helping of vegetables instead of chips
  • Opting for a chicken salad instead of a burger

But when did the norm become the absurd?

And how can we handle it? So we don’t make those around us feel more comfortable?

I have developed a few ways over the years and they help a lot of other people in similar situations as myself through our online coaching.

Whether you’re just starting out, trying to change people’s perspective of you or you’re already used to the little digs I hope you’ll take note of the following steps I use to get through these moments.


Take deep breathes and change the subject. Seriously. It works. In my head I just want to answer back in a manner that doesn’t suit my personality.

Two deep breathes and I say yes and move on.

Move on to something I want to talk about. It’s not their fault.

Secondly you could agree it’s stupid but it’s something you’d like to try as you want to feel better. Once you connect emotion to the pain you’re trying to escape and relate that ’emotion’ on to someone else they’re a lot more respectable in the future.

You could ask them why they think it’s stupid and fight your cause, stating why you’re doing this. Note, when you do this you’ll run out of steam and energy pretty quickly, so probably not the wise decision.

You could try to avoid that person all night, instead spending your time around other people so you don’t have to face those questions / that person.

Perhaps missing the night all together may not be a bad idea if the questioning you’ll get is sometimes too much?

Dropping those friends, because of the negativity isn’t such a bad idea either.

Surround yourself with people that want to be fitter, or are already where you want to be shape wise. You want to progress, not stall and by staying loyal to your ‘energy zappers’ you’re only going to stall your progress.

Remove toxic people from your life. 

Another way to handle these problem is to Man up and accept that by changing you’re going to run in to certain issues. No one likes change and you will be. So man up, take it with a pinch of salt and trust the process.

Ask if the person/ people with all the comments would like to do it with you? Call them on their bluff. Ask if they want to be in better shape and offer to help them. You may be surprised by their answer.

Lastly, just don’t chat to them for a while (say you’re busy when events come up or you’re ill), take a few pictures and when you decide to meet up, knowing the comments will come, show the pictures. If you have a decent Transformation it’ll end all comments and questions. Plus the look on their face when you walk in, liking different is utterly priceless.

See a few you’d use?

At the end of the day, it’s often jealousy or envy that you’re **able** to make the change. Don’t take it personally. It’s not said to be hurtful (even though it is!).

What I will add is even if you mess up, you fall in to the trap of ordering a dessert or having a glass of wine when you shouldn’t.

DO NOT panic, it’s natural and it’s frickin’ hard to say no when you’ve been saying yes for so long.

Forget about it and move on. It’s ok to learn as you go through your transformation

Only you can live in your body and take decisions that will change your life. No one else does.

No one can effect your body like you can.

You hold all the cards so dig deep, suck it up and wait for the comments.

If they don’t come, you have some pretty awesome friends / family / colleagues that you need to keep!!!

Chat soon

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