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Lay The Foundations, To Build A Better Body

“I fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks once, I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times.” – Bruce Lee

So you want to get in the best shape of your life. Great!

You’ve joined a gym. Awesome!

But you don’t know what you’re doing? Not so great or awesome.

Without knowing what you are going to do before entering a gym, will leave you wandering around, aimlessly moving between machines, doing a few reps and then moving on.

You went in with so much excitement or expectations of the results you are going to achieve.

But you ended your first session early, because boredom set in half way through…

Check my article on goal setting.

In the world of fitness, there is lots of innovation, some of the innovating fitness programmes are amazing, some however, are not!

So you go home and search the Internet for a programme that your favourite fitness personality does. That’ll do the trick! Won’t it?

Unfortunately, no. There are so many factors that make a programme work. Does it suit your body type? Can you perform the exercises properly? Can you fit it into your day? Basically, does it work for you?

People always forget that all the fitness models and celebrities that you follow on social media, with their ‘fancy’ programmes, haven’t always followed that particular programme.

They have conditioned themselves over many years to be able to advance the movements (exercises) to the standard you see.

But I guarantee you they didn’t start there. They started (providing they had someone coaching them) with basic movements.

Squats, Deadlifts, Bent Over Row, Bench Press. It’s the basics that got them in that shape! The workouts you see, add the finer details of whatever they are working towards!

It’s the basics that got them in that shape! The workouts you see, add the finer details of whatever they are working towards!

Brutal athletic woman pumping up muscles with dumbbells. Brunette sexy fitness girl in pink sport wear with perfect body in the gym posing before training set. Attractive fitness woman

So now you have the movements that you need to include (at least 2 per workout), then you can start adding in whatever else you choose (smaller movements that focus on specific body parts).

But, there is no point adding these movements into your gym routine, if you can’t perform them properly. Learn the technique first, gain the mobility and then start light and build from there. Otherwise your body will break down and your new lifestyle will be a short lived one, as you will end up spending most of it injured!

Every movement can be broken down into smaller sections, progressed and regressed.

For example a Back Squat (bar on your back) can be regressed into a Bodyweight Squat (no weights). But for correct technique, you need to be able to keep your heels on the ground, whilst keeping your chest up. This requires mobility in your hips and ankles.

So if you find that you more on your toes when Bodyweight squatting then, work on some hip and ankle mobility exercises, then try again. Once you have mastered it, then move on. It may feel a bit tedious, but add it into the end of a lighter session. It won’t take as long as you may think, plus you will reap the benefits in the long run.

Finding what works for you includes a bit of trial and error, but what it will give you, providing that you stick at it, is a wealth of knowledge of what style of training suits your body, it may be a certain rep range, or certain exercises that provide better results. If you take the time to find out, then it will benefit you so much in the future.

In summary:

Master the Basics (however long it takes)

Have a plan before you enter the gym.

Don’t follow an advanced programme just because it looks good or the person doing it looks good!

Believe in what you’re striving for, put in the effort and the results will come!!

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