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Working Out Where You’re Failing

If you’re finding it hard to lose weight then are you actually doing enough about it?

You want to lose weight but you’re not keeping tabs on what you’re doing!

Did you realise you had cereals for breakfast?

Whilst sitting at your desk at work do you remember eating those chocolates?

Probably not!

The best way is to keep a track of everything you’re eating and doing in your life.

Start a food diary, record everything, what you’ve eaten, how you feel afterwards, bloated? Angry? Happy?

How was your workout that day? Were you energised? Tired?

You need to be detailed, specific and analyse it.

Sure it’s hard work but that’s what it takes.

You have a goal and you need to take the right steps to get there.

Once you can see a correlation between certain foods and negative patterns in your lifestyle cut down on them, you’ll soon start to notice a difference in your body and mind.

And will 100% be on the road to your goal!


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