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Find Your Why!

Remember your why…

Had a client come in last week, we spoke about the weekend before he jumped on the scales.

He mentioned that his weekend had been ok. Not great but ok and he expected an alright result on the scales.

Now, I don’t normally read into the scales too much but it”s a good indicator and if you follow my food diaries or not.

0.7KG UP!!!!

Like seriously, after only a few days. I knew right then that he was lying.

It started to come out…like it always does, the scales DO NOT LIE.

If you’ve had a rubbish weekend don’t try and hide it. I will find out.

So after the failure on the scale I was told he had a few red wines, 3-5 to be exact. But apparently I allowed that?

Now, I’m not saying shut off completely and turn everything down, 1 glass may be ok. But right now, for where he is in the programme, alcohol should be off limits.

Then sweet wrappers were found in his pockets, and when I started to delve more into it, it got worse and worse.

He couldn’t tell me his eating plan for that day (even though it’s the same 3 x a week for the last 3 weeks), he’d skipped most of his breakfast and during the session complained of dizziness before I sent him home for wasting my time that day.

Now, this is the FIRST time I’ve EVER done this (unless you come seriously ill).

But you come for a reason, you don’t come to p**s around and waste my time and yours. Results are measured by what you put in, not what you take out.

Remember the reason you’re getting into shape in the first place, that should be on the forefront of your mind, it should be your purpose.

This isn’t a game that you can just restart again straight away, it takes dedication, hard work and consistency. That’s what I ask and that’s what I expect.

Your results will come.

And after that weigh in, you know what my client said about his weight.

‘But that’s not fair!’

Fair is putting the hard work in and getting the rewards, getting up early if you have to, for your session, to prep your food, to get to work early to put your food in the fridge. Eating well on the weekends when it’s hard not too, putting down that beer or wine or cocktail and opting for water.

The results come your weigh in will then be fair.

And you can then begin to realise why it is all worth it.

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