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Feel Good About Yourself?

There’s a few things in life that get’s me wound up.

And one of them is seeing clients of trainers being through punishment.Especially when they can’t hack the punishment!

Every guy, well most of the guys that come to me or go to the gym inflate their ego’s and want to come out beat up, they want to feel ‘the burn’, like they can’t walk the next day, which is fine, for some people. Not all.

So it get’s me really annoyed when I see personal trainers go through warm ups of 50 burpees, 50 press ups, 50 squat jumps, 50 mountain climbers, 50 box jumps and 50 lunges. And that’s to start! What are they playing at?

Your client can’t bend down properly for the lunge, his ankle mobility is terrible and when he jumps to the box he can barely reach it, and that’s the first few box jumps! Imagine after the next 30! Someone’s achilles is going to snap! And let’s not get started on the other exercises.

The worst thing is at the end of the session they shake hands and the clients says ‘great session today’.

You frikkin’ out of your mind!

When I train someone I always get to the root of why they’re coming to see me. Most will say ‘ I want to lose weight’. Yeah that’s all great and that but what’s the real reason, what really motivates you to start training? Everyone wants to lose weight.

If I went to the middle of the street and asked everyone whether they’d want to lose weight I’m pretty sure the answers will all be yes!

But out of those answers who will actually do something? They’ve all said they’ve wanted to lose weight.

Then we get a bit deeper and we actually realise the reason they want to lose weight is because they have an event coming up, they need to get in shape for.

It goes further, their ex is going to be there and they want to make them look jealous.

Or their kid is running rings around them at the park and they’re embarrassed that they can’t keep up when all the other parents can.

That’s their ‘why?’

And it’s usually pretty strong. And ultimately they want to feel better about themselves, that’s the real meaning, they want to wake up in the morning and know that today is going to be their day, that they can truly say that they feel good when they wake up, when they get back from work.

So when I see clients being put through a ‘metabolic’ training session that is physically beating them up are they going to walk away and feel good when they leave?


Yet you come to us to feel good about yourself?

This don’t add up!

So before you start picking up the latest magazine which says try this Metabolic XYZ program which will get you burning 110000 calories an hour ‘it’ll get you ripped’ ‘give you your 6 pack back’.

It’s utter rubbish.

Do not dive in to anything until you have the correct mobility to do so.

So yesterday I was watching a guy.

His little ‘metabolic circuit’ was

25 Cleans
25 Lunges holding a rope
25 Renegade Rows with Push Ups
50 Mountain Climbers

Now I said little, but there’s plenty of other words I could have used!!

First off, he couldn’t even clean and wasn’t shown the correct technique, his hand position was terrible and didn’t have the flexibility in his shoulders to sit into the rack position properly, his wrist was bearing all the weight and it was probably going to snap, soon enough.

Now is he feeling good when he leaves?

I doubt it.

And this is a guy who’s paying top dollar, top, top dollar.

So first things first, your health is the most important thing, never forget that and build a foundation. You’re working out to feel better about yourself, an injury will completely change your life. And not for good!

So work on your mobility first, you don’t have the range of motion all these magazine workouts expect.

Work on your shoulders, your chest, your lats, ankles, hip flexors and hamstrings, chances are, they’re pretty tight.

Once your happy with that then you can move on to some relative body strength work and start simple.

Best bit of advice if you want to feel good about yourself. Like the saying above, life is pain enough, don’t need to be in anymore pain!

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