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Fat Burning Banded Workout You Can Bang Out In 10 Mins


Hey uFitters! So today brings another simple workout you can do that will easily get your heart rate up, burn calories and get you fit.


The best thing of all, you only need a band which can be bought here


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Get a band that’s appropriate for your level and strength. Start with the red one and work your way upwards!


This little combo can be for time or reps, which makes it super easy to do. Why don’t you try 30 on, 15 off for all four exercises?


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Banded Squats

Start with feet at a comfortable position and let the band sit under your instep.

Banded OH Press

Keep the same foot position as the squats but as you press up, push a little outwards to a Y to make it a little more challenging

Banded Reverse Crunches

Sit down and keep tension on the band as you do the crunch to prevent it from slipping

Banded Deadlifts

Grab both pieces of band as you set up like a squat to make it more challenging



Banded Press Ups

Place the just below both shoulder blades and between your palms. Come all the way up.


There you go, a simple 10 minute workout you can do at home to rev your metabolism and burn some fat.


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