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Did someone just HIIT me?

We’re lucky that at the studio we have access to some awesome bits of equipment, from power racks to ropes we know we can make the most out of each HIIT session.


It keeps it varied, challenging hard work and most of all fun, not for the participant but for those watching. My lungs are ok by the way, they’ve fully recovered now!! hahah.

But with our open gym why not try little workouts like these? I worked for 20 solid minutes with a 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off protocol. Try it.

  1. Rope Waves – Keep that back straight
  2. Kettlebell Swings – Choose a weight that’s challenging and hinge at the hip!
  3. Clean and Press – Keep the back straight, push the bum back and explode up.
  4. Box Jumps – Explode up to land on the box, fully upright, none of this half upright position

Simple but effective 20 minute workout!

Give it a go, or better yet, let us design them for you…Here’s some we made for those of you who workout at home. Get them below….


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