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Deadlift: Bolster Your Back With These 5 Tips

5 Quick Tips To Automatically Improve Your Deadlift So You Can Lift With A Safer (And Stronger) Back

I do love programming deadlifts into clients programs.

Every week, providing clients are well rested and injury free they’ll always be included.

Not only do they get you seriously strong and burn a crazy amount of fat

Which helps you when it comes to stripping down in the summer sun

They also make you feel like high fiving everyone after every single set.

Ultimately clears your head and puts you in a good frickin mood

When done properly.

And here’s 5 ways to ensure your back is safe, you get the most from the lift and you can take a cheeky selfie with the weight afterwards…

  1.  To get into position go to jump up as high as you can in the air. Just before your feet come off the ground, stop.

Look at your feet position and that’s the width you’ll be most comfortable with.

That’s where you’ll be able to generate the most power in the lift

2. Now you have the width, make the bar come in line with your laces. That basically means when you look down, the bar should cover the knots in your shoes.

3.  Now you’re all set to go, almost, the last thing to do is to screw your feet into the ground and tuck your shoulder blades in, locking your back in place (it’s important your back stays straight throughout the movement and you avoid as much movement as possible)

Backs nice and straight…see?

4. Next, create tension on the bar. A big mistake I see is people pulling the barbell as hard as they can AWAY from the floor, going from bent arms to stiff in a millisecond. All I’m seeing is a ripped bicep. So, when you’re in the bottom position, and have done the steps above, retract your shoulder blades a little and take the slack away from the bar. That way you’re going to utilise the strength of your glutes, hamstrings and quads, and not that of your biceps yanking the bar up.

Think gym fail. You don’t want to be featuring on that!

5. See below? That back arch? Yeah, that shouldn’t be there. A quick and easy way of flattening that back is to keep your ribs down. Most people, like this girl in the hot pants below, lift their chest and ribs UP. 

A good little cue is to keep your chest up, but ribs down. And, as I said above, packing those shoulders and tucking those shoulder blades into your back pocket will really help with keeping that back flat.

From there, just embrace your core and force your abs out.

women deadlift
Her gym gear is as bad as her form…

It’s a move that people over complicate and blame injuries on but when done properly (e.g. Following the above guidelines) it becomes incredibly effective in turning you into a sexy, lean and strong ninja.

I go into more depth here, too:


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