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Current Affairs: Top of the Fitness News in January

  1. Sugar Tax – It’s a start but we’re getting there

The NHS will start to charge more for high-sugar drinks and snacks sold in hospitals, making it the first public body in the UK to bring in a sugar tax.

The move will apply to sugary products sold in vending machines and cafes on hospital premises and aims to discourage patients, visitors and staff away from buying them.

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sugar tax introduced into hospitals


2. Here’s Why New Years Resolutions Barely Work

A couple of weeks ago, the top fitness organizations came out with their 2016 trend predictions and as always, most of them have nothing to do with you.

Sadly, the fitness industry hasn’t done a stellar job making average people fitter. Efforts have been mostly focused on tightening the already-rock-hard glutes of the genetically gifted.

The challenge for Trainer Chad and Fitness Model Mercedes is that they often have a tough time empathizing with clients who don’t already look (or want to look) like them.

Squats and power cleans simply aren’t going to get grandma off the couch but that’s what Chad is giving her. Why? Because they work.

Here's why New Year's fitness resolutions rarely work


3. Diet Coke Can Help You Lose Weight Study – Funded By Coca Cola.

That makes sense doesn’t it?…

Scientific research claiming that diet drinks could be better than water at helping people lose weight was funded by an industry body which includes Coca-Cola and PepsiCo among its members, it emerged yesterday.

The study highlighting the benefits of diet drinks, led by Peter Rogers, professor of biological psychology at Bristol University, was published in the International Journal of Obesity.

Read the full report here –> coca cola is better than water


4. Woman loses 6 stone thanks to Instagram

Ashleigh Munn, 24, eventually reached a whopping 16 stone and became reliant on crutches to get around.

The mother-of-one’s hip and pelvis bones couldn’t take the pressure of her weight, which is when she knew she had to change.

Read how she managed it here –>


5. 7 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat

People go plant-based for lots of reasons. These include losing weight, feeling more energetic, reducing the risk of heart disease, decreasing the number of pills they take … there are dozens of great reasons! For even more inspiration, check out these other benefits you can expect when you go plant-based.

If you are eating meat, cheese, and highly processed foods, chances are you have elevated levels of inflammation in your body. While short-term inflammation (such as after an injury) is normal and necessary, inflammation that lasts for months or years is not. Chronic inflammation has been linked to the development of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases, among other conditions.

Read the 7 Things Here –>


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