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How to craft the *BEST* Gym Routine You’ll Ever Do

If You’re Not Seeing ANY Results From All Your Hard Work And Wonder If You’re Doing Enough In The Gym…Use This Gym Routine Template That Will Torch Fat, Build Muscle & Get You In The Shape Of Your Life


Your gym routine may just be walking on a treadmill or a few mins on the cross-trainer. Use this template to build the ultimate gym routine that will transform your body and your perception of weight training.

There’s only a few movements you need to concern yourself with when it comes to the gym.

And walking on the treadmill isn’t one.

Our bodies function on movement patterns. 

And once we incorporate these movements into our routines we’ll burn a ton more calories and also increase our strength tenfold.

What are they?

Push – Basically a chest press, Shoulder Press etc. Two types

  • Horizontal (Bench Press)
  • Vertical (Shoulder Press)

gym workout push

Pull – Basically a lat Pulldown, Bent Over Row etc. Two types.

  • Horizontal (Bent Over Row)
  • Vertical (Pull Up)

gym workout pull

Squat – Stuff like squats (obviously) Bending at the knees pretty much.

Squats, front squats, goblet squats.

gym workout goblet squat

Lunge –

Split stances. With hundreds of variations. Unilateral (means one sided) work. Think lunges, split squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, reverse Lunges

split squat gym routine

Hinge –

Stuff like Deadlifts. Creasing at the hips. Kettlebell Swings, Romanian Deadlifts

hip hinge gym workout

Core –

Preferably isometric. You already have poor posture, let’s not exaggerate it.

Holds would be better or Raises, as your core acts as a stabiliser. Better to do leg raises than crunches because you’re going to exaggerate that poor you already have if you keep banging out crunches. (Shortens the abs – and keeps your spine in flexion – rounded shoulders?)

core gym workout

There you have it. 6 different types of movements.

And here’s how you incorporate those into your gym routine

Let’s say you’re gyming 3 x a week.

Which means you’ll do 3 full body routines.

Here’s how it would work.

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

  • A. Compound (Push, Pull, Squat, Hinge)
  • B1. Push – Pull – Lunge – Hip
  • B2. Push – Pull – Lunge – Hip

(Choose opposites for this. So not push push)

  • C1. Lunge – Hip – Squat
  • C2. Push – Pull
  • C3. Core

(C1 & C2 can be swapped around)

  • D1. Accessory (reverse Flyes, Curls, Pec Deck)

Broken down into specific days

If you’re thinking what the numbers stand for, it means the exercises are paired.

So you’d perform B1 & B2 back to back, with 30 seconds rest between, and roughy a minutes rest after B2 before repeating.


  • A1. Back Squat 4 sets
  • B1. Incline Dumbbell Press 4 sets
  • B2. DB Romanian Deadlifts 4 sets
  • C1. Lat Pulldown 3 sets
  • C2. Bulgarian Split Squats 3 sets
  • C3. Leg Raises 3 sets
  • D1. Reverse Flyes 2 sets


  • A1. Bench Press 4 sets
  • B1. Goblet Squat 4 sets
  • B2. DB Bent Over Row 4 sets
  • C1. Kneeling Shoulder Press 3 sets
  • C2. Lateral Lunges 3 sets
  • C3. Russian Twists 3 sets
  • D1. Tricep Extensions 2 sets


  • A1. Deadlifts 4 sets
  • B1. Barbell Step Ups 4 sets
  • B2. Chest Supported Rows 4 sets
  • C1. Hip Thrusts 3 sets
  • C2. DB Bench Press 3 sets
  • C3. Plank 3 sets
  • D1. Lat Raises 3 sets

So this is how you can set up a plan which will guarantee ? better ROI then what you’re currently doing.

Again, it might change slightly if you’re a guy and you wanna focus on more upper body and ladies, if you wanna focus on more lower body.

It also might change depending on how often you train. 4 times a week might not need to bang out 4-5 sets because they have a high training frequency and already have a lot of volume.

However, training once or twice? You’ll probs need to do 4-5 sets to get your volume up. ?

Is entirely up to you.

What I would say is this…

It doesn’t matter if you have the best gym routine in the world. If your food is still shit, then you’re never going to see the results you want.

Get your food sorted first, then come back here and set yourself up.

But use this template, set up a plan and let’s see what you come up with and how it differs from your current plan

If you’d like support on setting your own one up, let’s be friends here and join our support group, for free.

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