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Can you still drink and lose weight?

Short answer, yes, but you don’t want most of your calories wasted on alcohol.


Weight loss, in truth, is down to being in a deficit.


The larger the deficit, the more the weight you’ll lose.


With me so far?


Do you see how you’d be able to lose weight whilst still allowing the occasional drink?


If you factor alcohol in to your calorie allowance, you’ll be able to lose weight.


Having the occasional drink isn’t an issue, it may slow your metabolism a little but in truth, we all need to let loose one way or another.


If that means having the occasional drink every now and then that’s fine with me.


Restricting any macronutrient to a minimum may put us into meltdown.


It’s not good to do, it sets us up for failure.


You ever seen that hypnosis kinda stuff you see Derren Brown perform on people?


The one where he says to participants to not press a button.


If they do, they’ll kill the kitten in the box they can see.


He gives them 10 minutes and what happens? They all press the button!


Not saying you’ll go around killing kittens but you may end bingeing a little more than you’re used to if you cut it out completely.


I myself have been quite lucky, I’ve never had a relationship with alcohol, with or without it’s fine by me.


It makes no difference.


First though, you need to work out your macros.


[bctt tweet=”Understanding your daily macros will help determine your reduction over the week. “]


If you know on the weekend you’re going to Ascot or enjoying a BBQ and you’re going to be having 3-4 beers or 2-3 glasses of wine, then work out how many calories that would be.


For reference (roughly)


Bottle of beer = 150 calories

Glass of wine = 160 calories


Let’s go with 155 calories per drink to keep things simple.


My head can’t take maths that well.


If you’re having 3 drinks on the weekend, then that’ll roughly equate to an extra 465 calories.


What you don’t want to do is add them on top of your daily intake as it is now.


Especially if you’re crushing it and seeing some steady progress on the scale.


Factor those calories in throughout your week, it makes it easy and keeps your main concern, calories in check.


An easy way to do this would be to divide that 465 by 7.


7 because there are 7 days in a week, and by reducing your calories over a 7 day period, it doesn’t really seem like you’re dropping your calories that much.


It’s only 66 calories a day.


You can handle that, right?


That’s one approach, or even 5 days if you want to drop it Monday-Friday.


Where you reduce your calories from though is important.


Spoiler alert


It’s not protein.


Protein needs to be high here because the alcohol will slow your metabolism and will affect your rate of absorption of nutrients.


So keep protein high and fats the same.


Carbs can be the loser here.


Let’s look at it in terms of calories.


You need to reduce 66 calories a day and carbs contain 4 calories per gram.


66 / 4 = 17g.


So reduce your carbohydrate intake by 17g a day, for that week and the effects won’t be so great.


This is a super simple trick that you can apply to allow for the occasional drink.


I’m not stating you should be doing this every week though if you’re looking to get lean.


The quality of your calories still applies and we both know alcohol isn’t some spiced chicken and quinoa super salad.


Let me know how it goes by commenting below.

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